The Big Guy: Yodles and Tube Mans

It was a beautiful morning, with amazing temperatures!   WarmUp Morrocan Night Clubs Squats Inflatable tube mans Merkins   THE THANG  Mosey down hill Bear Crawl Up hill Squats 10 Reverse down Squats 10 10 Merkins Cliffhangers up(Long lunges) Single leg squats 10 Cliffhangers down Single leg squats 10 Cliffhangers Up hill Sumo squats 10 […]

The Commons: Hills, Focus Your Climb

The Humidity planned on attacking the lung again this morning in the #RockRegion. As always I had multiple game plans, but I took a two mile mosey to clear the fog before leading a strong group of 20! Yeah you read that right 20 High Impact Men at the amazing AO The Commons! Money Bags […]