It was an honor to lead 9 of Rock Hill’s finest HIM at this AO where YHC led his VQ Warmup, VQ WO, and was even the Site Q thanks to Italian Job. Thank you Socrates for allowing YHC the opportunity to lead the PAX this warm and humid February gloom. YHC started with the […]

Unforeseen Q at BTC

YHC is grateful that YHC looks over the Q Schedule each week to prepare my week ahead. This past weekend YHC noticed that the QIC for this workout was, well me. Thank you for the opportunity Iron Sights. Site Q’s – Remember that when you fill out your Q Schedule to confirm with the PAX […]

Always do your Best

Thank you first to Magic Mike for the opportunity to Q at this AO during this misty gloom. Also, thank you to the 7 other PAX for joining YHC today. After the F3 Disclaimer was given the following was performed: WARMUP All in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Merkins, Peter Parker […]

Gold Plate’s Goodies

YHC was honored to lead 7 of Rock Hill’s finest HIMs this brisk gloom at the Petra Ruck WOD. Thank you Catfish for the opportunity. We began the WO with the F3 Disclaimer from Sapper, the Bootcamp Q, and then a speedy Ruck March around the parking lot ending up at the front of Adventure […]

January Cell Phone Challenge

Just a few weeks ago at The Commons during an Italian Job WO, he presented the challenge to ‘Make the change that will bring you back to your true self’. BackBlast is here https://www.f3rockregion.com/2018/12/12/who-have-you-become/. Take the time to read it now. After Italian Job posted this BackBlast there were many comments on both Facebook and Twitter […]

Running past Christmas

  YHC was honored as always to lead this great group of 6 other HIMs at Wall St. on this glorious brisk morning. Thank you Big Fundamental for the opportunity. WARMUP I had asked the PAX to be warm at the start of the workout so there was no official warmup. However, YHC did lead […]

Anticipation of Future Glory

It was an honor to lead 11 strong HIMs alongside Penny Pincher on this glorious AO of our Region. Thank you Gauge for giving us the opportunity. There were also 3 runners at this AO. Some great times were had by all and the mumblechatter was awesome. If you have not been to this AO […]

50-Minutes of Fun

As always it was an honor to lead the 4 HIMs of F3 Rock Region this wet gloom who decided to be disrupters and start the weekend off in the right direction. Thank you Smokey for allow YHC to lead as well. WARMUP We began the WO with the following exercises in cadence: Side Straddle […]


It was an honor to be asked by Penny Pincher to lead our Region’s only track workout on this beautiful morning. 5 HIMs decided to go off with the Wally World QIC, Slow Pitch, and 2 HIMs decided to stick it out with YHC. WARMUP I had previously asked all of the PAX to be […]