Anticipation of Future Glory

It was an honor to lead 11 strong HIMs alongside Penny Pincher on this glorious AO of our Region. Thank you Gauge for giving us the opportunity. There were also 3 runners at this AO. Some great times were had by all and the mumblechatter was awesome. If you have not been to this AO […]

First Aid/CPR/AED Certification Training

PAX of the Rock Region. Over the past few years and especially over the past half year F3 Nation has had multiple incidents (some of which have lead to death) occur during workouts. This has been weighing heavily on YHC as I care for all of the brothers in F3 Nation and for their families. […]

50-Minutes of Fun

As always it was an honor to lead the 4 HIMs of F3 Rock Region this wet gloom who decided to be disrupters and start the weekend off in the right direction. Thank you Smokey for allow YHC to lead as well. WARMUP We began the WO with the following exercises in cadence: Side Straddle […]


It was an honor to be asked by Penny Pincher to lead our Region’s only track workout on this beautiful morning. 5 HIMs decided to go off with the Wally World QIC, Slow Pitch, and 2 HIMs decided to stick it out with YHC. WARMUP I had previously asked all of the PAX to be […]

Ruck Board of Pain

It was an honor again to be asked by Catfish to Q this solid group of HIMs at the Petra Ruck group on this wet & cold gloom. Today 2 chose to go with the Bootcampers and 7 decided to Ruck with YHC. After YHC gave the F3 Disclaimer we began with the following. WARMUP […]

QSource at the Veteran-#Whetstone

Thank you Smiley Face for the opportunity to lead on this date and share the QSource Topic of Whetstone. However, as we are going over Q1/GET RIGHT, we must begin with the WO we did at the Veteran this morning. Thank you to the 6 HIM who decided to remove themselves from the fartsack this […]

Roving Ruck WOD – Communication

It was again an honor to lead 7 HIMs this morning at one of my favorite AO’s in our Region on a Ruck WOD. 4 Ruckers PreRucked prior to the WOD including Cutter who had to head to work before we began. We began the morning fellowshipping with the Bootcampers, but quickly left them by […]

Self Control is Key

It was an honor again to lead such a fine group of 17 HIMs on this humid summer gloom. The dew point was high and so was the energy of the PAX, so YHC knew it would be a sweatfest and a grand time. WARMUP There wasn’t much of a warmup, as I was asking […]

Running in Circles with Purpose

The honor to lead 6 of Rock Hill’s fastest HIMs at Falcon 0 on this date was all mine. We had some great fellowship and even greater running. This morning YHC had planned to bring back what Sir Topham Hat did here back in March when YHC was vacationing in the mountains. I did on […]

Circle of Trust

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous when Polymer originally asked YHC to Q at Petra. I had never Q’d here, and I really didn’t want the PAX to hate me after the WO. However, as the date closed in, I realized that I just need to be me and bring the […]