The Value of Time

4 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at Bunker Hill to join in the fellowship and sharpen each other.  PCH and I moseyed around for a brief pre-run and were joined by 2 other HIMS.  At the appointed hour we gathered for a warm-up.  No FNG’s were present so YHC provided a brief disclaimer […]

We are called to Serve

14 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at The Tavern on the 75th anniversary of D-Day.  Before we started the warm-up, YHC shared with the PAX a few tidbits about this historical day where over 150,000 men fought, arriving by air and sea on the beaches of Normandy. Over 10,000 men died and 5,000 […]

Freedom isn’t free

10 HIMS of the Rock Region assembled on the last Monday in May, otherwise known as Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who paid the ultimate price and sacrificed everything so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we embrace.  In other words, Freedom isn’t free – thanks be to […]

Make an Impact

10 HIMS – 8 running and 2 cycling came to the BTC today to get after it and enjoy some fellowship in the Gloom.  This was the second of back to back days leading and it was a great morning.  Our 2 cyclists – Samurai & Vuvuzella rolled out at 0500 well lit and prepared […]

Brotherly Love

20 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at Eagle’s Nest to workout, sharpen iron, and enjoy some fellowship time together.  It was nice to see such a big crowd with a few rolling in right up to start time and a few other rolling in from pre running.  As the appointed hour drew near, […]

Walk with wise men

6 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at Wall Street to run and sharpen iron on a chilly morning, hopefully the last or one of the last before spring is in full bloom.  YHC is looking forward to cool mornings in the Gloom – great running conditions.  Jester & Iron Sight rolled in from […]

Lucky vs Good

6 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered this tax day evening to enjoy some fellowship and sharpen iron.  The plan today was to get in some run and boot so that’s what we did.  No FNG’s were present, so the disclaimer was disclaimed and we got on with the warm-up which included SSH, seal jacks, […]

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

19 HIMS of the Rock Region assembled in the Gloom today at Man U to sharpen iron and enjoy some fellowship together.  A few guys were out pre-running and as 0515 approached YHC was excited that 18 other men had unfartsacked themselves to join YHC this morning.  As the hour drew near Italian Job grabbed […]

What is Success?

15 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at Independence.  A few guys came to get in some P200 miles and a few other stayed around for the workout.  No FNG’s were present so YHC opened up by explaining to the PAX that we would be moving around a bit.  The disclaimer was disclaimed and […]