What is Success?

15 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at Independence.  A few guys came to get in some P200 miles and a few other stayed around for the workout.  No FNG’s were present so YHC opened up by explaining to the PAX that we would be moving around a bit.  The disclaimer was disclaimed and […]

Been a long time

7 HIM’s of the Rock Region got together at PHOP today to get after it with some gear.  White Hat & Gold Plate rolled in first after a pre-run (nice job guys), and Herbie & Taken rolled in hot.  As the clock struck the appointed hour we got started with the warm-up which included SSH, […]

Don’t Be Distracted

4 HIMS gather today in the Gloom at Wally World / Falcon Zero on cold morning to get in a few miles.  All decided to run on the sidewalks and not on the track so that’s what we did.  No FNG’s were present and 3 members of the Nearly Respectables and Penny were off to […]

Being Intentional

4 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at the BTC for some run & boot.  It was a bit foggy this morning so YHC had a plan to keep the PAX together in some well lit areas.  As the appointed hour drew near YHC explained the route to the PAX that we would mosey […]

The Four Agreements

17 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at Planet Pain today for a run and bootcamp workout.  13 stayed for the workout with 1 FNG (welcome Bloomers) and 4 PAX set out for pounding pavement.  A few weeks ago while posting at Planet Pain, Reborn and I discussed that we hadn’t been to a […]

Count it all Joy

13 HIMS from the Rock and Fort regions joined forces for a dual region beatdown.  It’s always a good morning to post but even better when you can catch up with friends from across the river.  T-claps for the Fort guys for coming down to Man U this morning for a pre Christmas themed get […]

The Least of These

10 HIM’s of the Rock Region gathered today at Wall Street to get in a few miles this muggy morning.  I got a call the day prior from Herbie and he was a bit under the weather so YHC was more than glad to grab the Q stick and run with it (pun intended).  We […]

Miles & Guardrails, no rain

4 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at BTC on what looked like it might be a rainy morning for a run.  However, as we approached the appointed hour, the rain began to stop and we gathered under the tree near the shovel flag and the 4 of us set about to warm-up with […]

Why do bad things happen?

11 HIM’s of the Rock Region gathered today at Wall Street as marathon and half marathon training continues for many in the Region.  The weather was nice & breezy and a little less humid than the last several weeks so the plan was simple & set.  As the PAX began to gather and the appointed […]

Be Intentional – Be Prepared

11 HIM’s gathered today at Pantheon and all decided to go Beyond.  YHC had been looking forward to this day since posting to a Beyond workout 2 weeks prior and when Maximus invited me to lead I jumped at the chance.  What a great opportunity it is to push yourself physically and mentally, be challenged, […]