Left Hand Turns at Wally Falcon

Today was the launch of the Wally World & Falcon-0 joint AOs. Wally World will traverse the gloomy streets and byways of our quaint little town of Rock Hill while Falcon-0 will continue to do some left-hand turns on the Sullivan Middle Track. I was Q for Falcon-0 so after a quick big group intro […]

Trusting while in the Unknown

Warm-Up MNC 30 IC Peanut Pickers (Cherry Pickers – not sure why we call them this since cherries grow on trees) 30 IC Rt arm behind head stretch Lt arm Rt arm in front of chest stretch Lt arm On 6 – Body Crushers Butterfly stretch LBC 10 IC The Thang Mosey to Wall People’s […]

The Unnamed Leader

The route for this morning was to follow Herlong west to the hospital. After making a loop around the hospital, we went south on Ebenezer to Oakland. We then took a left on Cherry and another left by Earth Fare. Continuing on to Westminster Presbyterian, we headed back to India Hook and up the hill […]

Send ‘Em Out

An outstanding group of 22 HIMs joined YHC at ManU. I was unexpectedly called into duty at the last minute because Socrates, who was scheduled to Q, had a family medical situation. I was glad to fill in for him. There were no FNGs but the disclaimer was still given and the 5 points of F3 were reviewed. […]

A Loving Father

It was a wonderfully cool morning in July when YHC arrived at the Independence AO on Monday morning. 22 of Rock Region’s finest HIMs decided to join me. The disclaimer was given and the 5 parts of F3 workout were explained to our 1 FNG and we began the warm-up: Warm Up SSH – 10 […]

A Lot of Change in a Year

Warm-Up 10 SSH 10 Seal Jacks 10 Don Quixotes Legs spread Stretch right leg Legs spread Stretch middle Legs spread Stretch Left Stretch Rt arm in front Stretch Lt arm in front Stretch Rt arm behind head Stretch Lt arm behind head 10 SSH The Thang Mosey to Kenneth Shuller 11’s Overhead Claps & Squats […]

One year ago…

It was an absolute honor to lead 12 of F3RockHill’s finest HIMs in the gloom this morning on the day before my 1-Year F3 anniversary. I started the morning off with a 3.2-mile pre-run. If you had told me this time last year that I would be pre-running before a workout, I would’ve laughed in […]