B.O.M.B.S. at PHOP

YHC does not make it out to this AO often, but sure did enjoy the opportunity to commiserate with five solid HIMS in the hot, balmy gloom this morning. YHC also enjoyed spending time with PAX that I do not get the opportunity to see very often. The day started at 0515 with the disclaimer […]

Eagle’s Nest Tag Team Q

YHC had the privilege of spending the morning with 12 HIMS.  After the disclaimer was disclaimed, YHC shared the following scripture as it has come to YHC’s attention a couple times since January:  Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will […]

Much More Than a 10K to Start the Day Q

YHC had similar thoughts to last Friday’s The Commons Q that Wally World’s Q this week would be a solo mission with P200 not all that far in the rear-view mirror yet. So, with a few minutes to the 0500 hour, YHC was getting some final stretching in with ear buds all ready to go […]

Not a Me, Myself and I Q!

With the so many PAX participating in the P200 this weekend, YHC thought for sure there would only be three PAX attending the 0500 Commons workout. Oh, for clarification, those presumed three PAX included me, myself and I. YHC thought for sure he would be going it solo this particular morning! It was a welcome […]

STOP…Hammer Time!

Disclaimer was proclaimed. WARM UP: – Left over right and right over left stretch. – Down dog stretch down into plank position – Mountain climbers (15 in Cadence) – Held plank position and went right into plank jacks (15 in Cadence) – Moroccan nightclubs (20 in Cadence) – SSH’s (15 in Cadence) – Seal Jack’s […]

10K to Start the Day

What was the old tagline from the A-Team back in the 80’s, “I love it when a plan comes together!” I say this because YHC had some concerns with the “DON’T Q IT IF YOU CAN’T DO IT” late yesterday into early today as my leg was still bothering me from a Sunday afternoon solo […]

Tavern “Wet”stone Co-Q

We had 9 great HIM’s show up in the not so great elements this morning to experience the gloom together. The thought/inspiration for this co-Q came from a co-Q that Bubble Wrap and Herbie did at Tavern a couple weeks ago. I really enjoyed the co-Q thing as my short-lived experience in F3 with this […]

Not a total wash out VQ

OK…yes…I’m a day late and a dollar short here (and then some really) on posting this from last Tuesday, March 20th. I am one of those individuals that help desks and IT support hate as I cannot remember logons and passwords to save my rear end! So, I do apologize for the delay in posting. […]