Ark Loader at ManU

I had the joy to join 11 other men for a morning of fun at ManU. Conditions were perfect (65 and no rain). Even though I came in on two wheels with 30 seconds to spare, we got into it quickly. Disclaimer was disclaimed and we were off. Here’s what we did. The Thang 20 […]

Honoring our Heroes

Cobains for the tardy backblast. We had 15 PAX at a Memorial Day Monday at OldTown for a hero workout in honor of my friend and classmate Capt. Mark “Pitbull” McDowell. Here’s what we did. The Thang Run 1 Mile from OldTown to Glencairn Veterans Garden 5 Minute Plank to honor the 5 service branches […]

Zoom WOD

https://zoom.us/rec/share/4e1LK-Co-VlOGK-Owhn4WLQ-PcPpeaa8h3QZrvUIy07ey0XyDHUh6FfshntqsojI‬ Tried something new today with the digital WOD (video linked above). Here’s what we did: The Thang Round 1 50 Squats 40 WWII Situps 30 Merkins 20 Maktar Jais 10 Burpees Short Run Round 2 3 Minute Plank 30 Second Rest 2 Minute Plank 30 Second Rest 1 Minute Plank Short Run Round 3 […]

Stronger Together

Five men shunned the fartsack and ventured out into the rain for a tour of Eagles Nest. Here’s what we did: The Thang 20 SSHs (IC) 15 Imperial Walkers (IC) 10 Eskimo Merkins (IC) Mosey to Brick path 10 Merkins at the Bookstore run to the Statue and repeat 10 Merkins 15 Diamond Merkins at […]

Anxiety is Old News at Old Town

https://youtu.be/glHAF9CW_Ck It was an honor to share the Gloom with 12 #HIM of the Rock Region this morning. The workout was difficult and the message was timely. Here’s what we did: The Thang 20 SSHs (IC) 15 Imperial Walkers (IC) 10 Low Slow Squats (IC) 5 Burpees Mosey to City Hall 100 Dips 75 Calf […]

Next Man Up

Though I know this isn’t Rock Region, #MECA’s Chicken Strip shared a strong backblast from #TheVault in #Metro. See below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hphCD4b5lIU Warmup (solar tree) • SSH x 30 IC • Plank Jacks x 15 IC • Merkins x 15 IC • LBCs x 30 IC (reps add up to 90 which is David Ayers jersey […]

Snowmageddon 2020

https://youtu.be/KvfaMOXGJMw Another great morning in Gloom as 5 bootcampers and 1 runner decided to battle #snowmageddon2020 at #Petra. Conditions were pretty good: 32 and no snow. Heres what we did: The Thang Warm Up 10 Low Slow Squats (IC) 10 SSHs (IC) 10 Hillbilly Walkers (IC) Mosey 4 Corners 10 Merkins at each Corner 20 […]