Trying New Things at Bunker Hill

Seven bootcampers rose up bright and early for a sweaty beatdown at #BunkerHill. Here’s what we did: The Thang 20 SSHs (IC) 15 Seal Jacks (IC) 10 Imperial Walkers (IC0 5 Burpees Mosey to the drop off circle Partner-up (one runs while the other exercises – then flap jack) 200 Merkins (aggregate) 200 LBCs (aggregate) […]

Sloppy Sandler Suckfest

Last week at ManU, PacMan challenged me to create an entire workout with an Adam Sandler theme. I graciously accepted. Fast forward six days: sitting at the kitchen table listening to songs from yesteryear and watching YouTube videos of classic Sandler movies, I was ready! That was until this morning when I woke up to […]

Old School Old Town

https://youtu.be/26GnaTt4NSY 13 pried themselves from their warm fart sacks and ventured into the cool, crisp, Autumn air for some miles and bootcamp. Here’s what we did: The Thang Warm Up 20 SSHs (IC) 15 IW (IC) 10 Windmills (IC) 5 Burpees Mosey to the under construction University Center People’s Chair 10 Left Leg Squats on […]

Labor Day Hangover

12 men denied the fartsack and suffered a Labor Day hangover sweatfest at #EaglesNest this morning. Here’s what we did: The Thang Mosey to parking lot behind DiGiorgio 20 SSHs (IC) 10 Windmills (IC) 15 Imperial Walkers (IC) Mosey to the Loading Docks People’s Chair rotating through 10 Merkins each BTTW for a long 10 […]

Burned out Shoulders

50 minutes, 1.6 miles, 5 guys, and 10 burned out shoulders…just another #Commons Friday. Here’s what we did… The Thang 10 Merkins (IC) 10 Mountain Climbers (IC) 10 Plank Jacks (IC) 15 MNCs (IC) 15 Overhead Claps (IC) 15 Little Baby Arms Circles (IC) 15 MNCs (IC) Mosey Plank while one person runs the length […]

Prepare, not Compare

I had the privilege to spend 45 minutes with 22 other PAX this morning at Petra. To the best of my recollection, here’s what we did… The Thang Popcorn Warm-Up 25 SSHs (IC) – Sir Purr 25 MNC (IC) – Smiley Face 15 Cherry Pickers (IC) – Kenyan Left over Right/Right over Left – Sapper […]