Is that a phone in your pocket?

Eight men decided to leave the comfort of the fartsack to wade through the mist and fog for a #BigGuy beatdown. Conditions were less than ideal (52 degrees and light drizzle) but the #mumblechatter was strong. Here’s what we did: The Thang 15 SSHs (IC) 15 Seal Jacks (IC) 15 Moroccan Night Clubs (IC) Mosey […]

I got Q, babe!

Well it’s Groundhog Day…again. Why not smash the alarm clock, rise and shine, grab your booties, and head down to Gobbler’s Knob…I mean The Commons for some F3 fun? That’s what 5 did this morning. Here’s what we did. The Thang Line to line exercises High Knees Butt Kickers Karaoke Karaoke other direction 10 SSHs […]

Tavern Trivia Thursday – Sports Movies

Conditions were stellar (29 warm degrees) for 12 PAX to test their Sports Movie Trivia at #Tavern. Here’s what we did… Warm-UP 10 Imperial Walkers (IC) 15 Moroccan Night Clubs (IC) 10 Low Slow Squats (IC) The Thang – answers at the very end Mosey to Metrolina Medical Name two baseball movies starring James Earl […]

45 Minutes ‘Til Bacon

This frosty morning brought a Baker’s Dozen out to #Petra. Since this was somewhat impromt-Q, I’ll need Schrute to run quality control. To my best recollection, here’s what we did… Warm-UP 10 Imperial Walkers (IC) 10 Windmills (IC) 20 Moroccan Night Clubs (IC) 20 Italian Night Clubs (IC) – per request 10 Mountain Climbers (IC) […]

Count on it

YHC had the privilege to share the Gloom with 14 other PAX for a seasonably warm (upper 40s) damp workout at ManU. Our theme today was counting. Read on to see why. The Thang 15 Imperial Walkers (IC) 15 MNCs (IC) Left over Right Right over Left 25 SSHs (IC) 15 Dips 15 Derkins 15 […]

The Wolves of Wally World

I had the privilege this morning to lead eight other men on something I dubbed “Boot Loops.” Though my Loops plan was hampered by the presence of loose dogs in the Silver Lake neighborhood, I like the name too much to abandon it. Anyway, conditions were perfect – 59 degrees and no rain. Disclaimer was […]

OldTown Partner Push

I was joined Monday morning by 8 other men for a painful partner push and pull. Here’s what we did… The Thang · 25 SSHs (IC) · 15 Imperial Walkers (IC) · 10 Good Mornings (IC) · 25 Moroccan Night Clubs Mosey · People’s Chair/Merkin Combo (Hold PC and take turns doing 15 Merkins of […]