Speed Work Recon #2

  Disclaimer was given Know FNG Warm-up L over R R over L Cherry Pickers 100 meters warm-up: Butt Kickers Karaoke High Knees Lunges The Thing (Modify as need and go at your pace) Cool down lap together and some various stretches. Count off Name-a-Rama Announcement Prayer and Praise  

Hill Repeats

Disclaimer was given No FNG Warm-up R over L L over R Long Mosey to Winthrop Rd at a steady good pace. When you get to Winthrop Rd pick up the 6. The Thing On Alexander rd we did hill sprints to the red light. Distance was 0.12 miles. Run up the hill at your 5K pace, then […]

Lets find that Beach Bod

Disclaimer was given Warm-up 25 SSH (IC) 20 Wind Mill (IC) 20 Hill Billy Walkers (IC) The Thing Every half mile or so we would stop and do 100 LBC (IC) and 50 mountain climbers (IC). We started the long way around York Tech. We stopped twice at YT. Then we mosey to Family Trust […]

Just Run in Circles

Disclaimer No FNG Warm-up Right over Left (10c) Left over Right (10c) Mosey to Lakeshore Parkway entrance for directions of the workout. The Thing Run the mile loop around Lakeshore Parkway as fast as you would like. When you get back to the starting point, plank up or pickup the 6 for extra credit.  When the 6 […]

Long Run Saturday Morning

With the P200 coming up and a lot of HIM training for Marathons, we will be starting up a long running location at Pier 51 on Saturdays. This will be good for guys who can’t make it out on Sundays.  This location will be 2 hours long, but you don’t have to run two hours. […]