Gold Exhibit at Night at The Museum.

Warm ups consisted of R/Left & l/Right; Cherry Pickers; Windmills; Imperial Walkers,  50 SSH, Hillbilly Walkers & few more SSH..them mosey to Dutchman school…….Stopped 1/2 way to do more SSH, then finished mosey at outside tables/benches. .4 mile mosey. At tables did 10 dips, 10 Irkins, 10 Derkins, and calf raise circle of 10 ct […]

Gold discovered at Iron Academy

The Rain was absent at Iron Academy but 8 HIM’s were not. The usual disclaimers were made and then: Warm Up: R over L-Then Reverse…..Right Arm over Left-Then Reverse…15 Ct Cherry Pickers… 10 Count WindMill…15 Ct Imperial Walkers…25 Ct SSH…15 Ct Moroccan Nightclubs…15 Ct HillBilly Walkers…10 Ct Merkins…15 Ct Seal Jacks…10 CT Squats with Kettle […]

Old Town was Golden today.

after 25 SSH (dbl ct) did a short Mosey to Amphitheater for quick stairs, 25 SSH, Bear Crawl and Crawl Bear Seats. A short Mosey to Fountain Park for15 Dips, 25 SSH & 15 Big Boy Sit Ups Navy Seal Style. Short Mosey to Hot Box for 10 ct Australian Balls to Wall the Wall […]


Taken started off his VQ Gear Workout with 5 minutes of warm ups and did a great job with cadences. He then commenced his 20 minute portion of the workout with a Cindy Circuit, using the long route around the church as the timer. Circuits included Cindy Burpees, Cindy toes smashers, Cindy Curls, Cindy Halos, […]