Maximus Travels to The Rock

Our brother, Maximus, came down from The Fort to lead our ruck AO at Petra this morning. #TClaps to him for sharing his love for rucking & for a well done Q! Below is his backblast.   Disclaimer mentioning the standard stuff. Warm up mosey followed by some high-knees.   Circle up for a warm-up […]

Kettle Bells, 7s on the Hill, & Suicides

It’s finally starting to feel a little like fall, but that didn’t stop us from sweating a little this morning! We kicked off as the clock ticked over to 05:15 with our kettle bells over head for a quick mosey over to the Sam’s parking lot where we circled up for some windmills. Then, with […]

A pyramid repeat at Independence

YHC was on tap for the Q at #Bunker Hill last week and manage to have a muscle spasm less than a third of the way through the workout, well I had to modify the majority of the work and wasn’t able to complete my wienkie… Well, I had the opportunity to run back through […]

Four Corners & Wall Jumps

7 PAX joined YHC for some rucking fun at #Petra this morning! We started with some warm up lunges, high knees, and a rinse/repeat then we took a mosey over to Office Depot’s parking lot for 4 corners. First corner was 10 curls, second was 10 OHP, third was 10 squats and the fourth was […]

A String of Pyramids at Eagles Nest

Last week Anchor Baaaarrrrrrrrr (gotta stretch it out) had us doing burpees at each of the street lights and boy did they make me sore. I could tell that I’d spent way too much time (or maybe not enough time for the P200) running and hadn’t kept up the boot camp side of things like […]