Tour The Rock

We had six HIM plus myself on this mild 50 degree morning.  I had decided that today we would cover at least 5 miles with a visit to Eagles Nest, The Commons, and Independence.  Here is the route. Eagles Nest: 6 inches 15 Merkins in Cadence The Commons: 25 LBC’s in Cadence 25 Flutters in […]

Fellowship at Petra

I rolled in just in time from a pre-run and Polymer was handing my Q away!  Recovered that quickly and got to it!  We moseyed to the other end of the plaza for a warm up. Warm Up In Cadence: SSH MNC Overhead Claps Plank 6 inches During the warm up I shared something that […]


Coming off of Ragnar I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do on this particular morning but when I caught the word that my Uncle Jackhammer (Gerald Ghent-Respect) was VQing at Independence the plan was already made. We had 12 fine HIMS gather at Old Town so we began with some simple stretches like LOR and ROL.  […]

3 For 800’s and Conversation

67 Degrees and the slightest hint of fall weather.  Penny Pincher, Burgundy, and YHC warmed up with a mile at a brisk pace.  After the warm up we never stopped. The Thang: 800’s (2 laps) @ 6:20-6:45 then…..recover with 800’s (2 laps) @ 8:00-8:30.  And so on and  so forth until we totaled a little […]


This backblast is long over due.  However not forgotten.  Ever since 8/4/2018 at 7 am I have been mulling over and thinking about this particular morning.  The perfect example of what F3 is all about took place on this foggy humid day at The Patriot. We moseyed down to the track for a Warm Up: […]

Fog in the Gloom

My second time at ManU and my first Q at ManU.  It was great to start the day with these men in the fog and gloom.  Listening to the chatter and laughter prior to 5:15 is like medicine for the day ahead. We moseyed over to Manchester Park for a Warm UP: 30 SSH ROL […]

Three on Thursday

I noticed a bouncing headlamp and the stride of one IronSight coming across the parking lot so I knew I wasn’t alone.  Then Herbie pulled in while I was getting out of the truck.  Just had the feeling it was going to be a good morning….like a sixth sense.  All you need is 2 to […]

Freed from Me

Mosey to First ARP parking lot. WARM UP: •25 SSH in Cadence •Assume Plank Postion •Honeymooner •6 Inches •Right Hand High •Left Hand High •20 Freddy Mercury’s in Cadence •20 Shoulder Taps in Cadence •Draw Bridge Calf Stretch (All the above while never breaking plank) •LOR •ROL Mosey to Fountain Park: We did the following […]

Sweat it out!

My first time on Q at Wally World.  I’ll be honest, I was tired Thursday morning from a long work day before.  But, the excitement of leading a workout somewhere for the first time got me going.  I had a general plan in mind and decided to let it come to me. Wouldn’t you know […]