The Small Things

Ryder was warming up with a pre-run when I pulled in.  Goldplate was right behind me and Herbie arrived at 5:15 on the dot 😁.  We went to get a block for YHC’s plan and Nomad pulled up when we got back to the flag.  Goldplate went and got another block for him. Warm UP: […]


Cooler than average morning as of late.  Something seemed new about this day and I was excited to get it started with my brothers in the gloom.  There just aren’t any other places that compare to the gloom.  Even though we all go our separate ways each day with work, life, family, challenges, good or […]

You have 20 seconds!?

YHC was reminded by Ponytail while on the spin bike at the Riverwalk YMCA around 8PM that I was leading BTC the following morning.  Those last minute Q’s seem to get me fired up….or at least when you haven’t been thinking about it.  The spontaniety of an impromptu workout seems to come to fruition well. […]

Just Plain Fun

We had 16 show up on this Monday which got YHC a little pumped.  I just came off a very busy 2 weekends and was out of town in between.  Throw in a half marathon, Joe Davis, and an out of town swim meet  for the 2.0’s on top of that!  Needless to say I […]

The Wall Street Pack

Grabbed my gloves off the dash of the truck which were now warm from the drive over to Wall Street.  Headed towards all the noise to see 20 PAX ready to light up the street.  Blinky lights, headlamps, vests, ankle lights etc. I have not been to Wall Street in months and was excited to […]


Smokey and Reborn joined YHC on this mild humid February morning to kick off Friday on the right foot.  I had a plan that involved some miles, explained to the PAX where we were headed, and we were off. ( Each man was ready with high visibility gear and a head lamp ✔) We left […]

Tinsel in the Gloom

My first time to lead the JOC.  It was a chilly Wednesday morning with a slight mist in the air.  At one point it looked like tinsel was falling from the sky.  I gave a quick disclaimer as there were no fng’s present and we began. Warm Up LOR ROL Plank Honeymooner Right hand High […]

Good Company

YHC was out with a cold since Monday so I was looking forward to getting back out with my brothers at Camino Del Rio this morning.  And the weather actually fit the month! It was 35 degrees and cloudy and my man Ironman pulled into the parking lot followed by Gauge.  YHC stuck the Old […]

Brotherhood is Good

Sir Purr and I decided to swap and Q each others AO on this first Monday morning of 2019.  I had not been to independence in a while and was looking forward to hanging out with some other Monday morning PAX. YHC gave a disclaimer as we had 1 FNG in the crowd.  Thanks Reborn […]