Who brought you out?

This morning five men gathered and put in work COP: Started with some stretches because we just don’t do that enough Thang: Mosey around the building, start at one end of the parking lot and lunge walk to the first set of parking spaces. 10 merkans and 10 burpees. Lunge to the next set of […]

Where do you look?

Stretch, SSH, Mosey Low slow squats, tempo merkans, 6 inches, up dog, down dog Mosey to our first obstacle for the day- The Hill 11s with Jump squats at the top of the hill and wide arm merkans at the bottom, get the six when completed Mosey to a nearby parking lot for two rounds […]

Zachary Tellier

We started with a few stretches, SSH, merkans, Hill Billy Walkers and Imperial Walkers. I then explained that we were doing the Zachary Tillier WOD. Zachary Tellier is a hero workout inspired by a paratrooper who died September 29, 2007. Read more here. The workout is simple. 5 rounds starting at the top. Add a […]

Heavy blocks and heavy thoughts at PHOP

COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hill Billy Walkers, cherry pickers, merkans 10 curls, 10 manmakers, 10 squats with a tricep extension Thang: Mosey across the street. Alternate 10 burpees and 20 big boy sit ups per light post (about a mile, 7 rounds of each) In the parking lot with the coupons again- bear crawl drag […]

Burnouts and Reaching out at The Patriot

SSH, Hill Billy Walkers, Imperial Walkers, Low slow squat Stretches Thang: Grab a coupon and head down to the track. 25 curls, 25 bent over rows, 25 tricep extensions Burnouts: I don’t know what a set like this should actually be called. Two exercises, back to back, fairly up tempo, in cadence for the first […]

Savage Seven at Old Town

This morning 12 men gathered in the gloom and put in work. COP: Side Straddle Hop, Moroccan night club, Seal jacks, weighted pulls AMRAP, 50 seconds on 10 seconds off- 2 rounds. These seven exercises were put together in a way that I feel push the body pretty hard- Thus the name “Savage Seven”. Burpees, […]

Friday fun

Good morning! My name is Bill Nye and I am not a professional. You are here at your own risk. Modify as necessary. COP: all X20 SSH, Seal Jacks, Low Slow Squats, Moroccan Nightclubs, Carolina Dry Docks, Merkins X10 Jump squats, Burpees Thang: Bombs 25 burpees, plank for the six, 1 minute run 50 overhead […]

4/16/20 Digital Q by Ironsights

Warm up: short stretching session ( 3 mins) OWO First warm up: Without pause In cadence 10- side straddle hops 10-seal jacks 10- mountain climbers 10- merkins 10- M Night Clubs 10- Imperial walkers 10- Squats 10- dry docks Jack Webbs First set 1 merkin 4 overhead claps– go until 10 Second set: 1 dry dock […]

Virtual workout for 4/9/20

Warm Up: Stretch left, stretch right, stretch center Plank position for 1 minute, honey moon to stretch it out then: All x15 and IC SSH, Low Slow Squats, Moroccan Night Clubs, Merkans All x 10 and OYO Burpees, Jump squats, lunge walk (10 per leg) 1 minute mosey (mark this spot in your head, we […]