Stations at PHOP

I wanted to do something I hadn’t seen in a while at PHOP- Stations! As the time grew closer to 5:15 there were four of us gathered to put in work. And so we did! COP- SSH, Merkans, Windmill- All IC Tire flips, burpees, and tire squats- 1 minutes each, 15 seconds between each station. […]

4 at The Commons

When I was asked to cover for a Q who had a work commitment I jumped at the chance. I love to lead at The Commons. There are so many options that even though I have been the Q here several times I do not think that I have recycled anything. There are just so […]

Hog and Coyote VI 2019

UPDATE: Due to flooding on part of the original route we have changed directions a bit. The new pathway for the Hog and Coyote will still start and stop at RoCo. RoCo to Planet Pain                 3.7 miles Planet Pain to Wall Street       3.2 miles Wall Street to […]

An AO has no name- The Launch of The Goose

We circle up, disclaimer was disclaimed, and then men went to work. Warm Up All IC- SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hill Billy Walkers Mosey to the football field Crab walk to the 50 yard line, 10 burpees, bear crawl to the endzone, 10 burpees, go get the six Get back across the field by nuRring to […]

Q School and Shield Lock

This morning before The Patriot we had a Q School. Not a whole lot of attendance. What I realized as I made the papers to guide Q school is that all of us need to go over this information from time to time- it’s always good to be reminded of ways to get better and […]

Complacency kills excellence

“Old town used to have a reputation as the baddest AO in the region. Every week it earned that reputation. But, to me, over time it has lost that edge. Part of it is that I am in much better shape than I was 3 years ago when I first started posting at Old Town. […]

Site Q change at Eagles Nest

At the start of the workout we had White Hat hand off the shovel flag to Tombstone. I appreciate the work that these men have put in. Eagles nest is a premier site in the Rock Region. White Hat kept it that way while serving as an inspiration to many of our men. I have […]