Slippery when wet

This morning 4 guys got after it in the gloom at Eagle’s Nest.   We started with a mosey to Glencairn Gardens. COP: Arm stretches, Moroccan night clubs, Tempo Merkins 11s- At the bottom of the hill burpees, merkins at the top Mosey to the AO for some ab lab. 20 IC LBCs and Flutters. […]

Lessons Learned

A balmy 37 degrees saw men gather together this morning. Some did boot. Some walked. Some rucked. All got better. Here is what we did in the boot: COP: All IC Moroccan night clubs, Low Slow Squats, Side Straddle Hop Mosey the parking lot Stretches   Thang: Tabata: 45 on 15 off- 10 rounds Squats […]

Hindsight of 2020

On the final day of 2020 4 men gathered in the gloom and put in work. It was my pleasure to lead today, but I also felt like this was an opportunity to reflect back on the year that was. And what a year it was… However, despite all of the negativity we were able […]

Who are you?

This morning 7 men gathered in the gloom to put in work on their bodies and their minds. COP: All IC x 10: Low Slow Squats, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Tempo Merkans, Curb merkans (10 right arm/leg elevated, 10 decline, 10 left arm/leg elevated) Thang: Mosey to the parking lot on the […]

Be The Change

This morning we gathered to put in work. We had a new site and a new purpose for this AO. As such it seemed relevant to review the 5 principles of F3. Be free of charge. Be open to all men. Be held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold. Be led by men who participate […]

Along the Road

COP: All IC Low Slow Squats, Imperial Walkers, Hill Billy Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Tempo Merkans Grab a block. Perform 10 Bent over rows, 10 curls, 10 tricep extensions, run across the field and back. Repeat 5 times. Read a poem (more on that later) Repeat the 5x process, but this time each PAX picked […]

Getting after it at The Tavern

COP: All IC- Low slow squats, Moroccan night clubs, Imperial walkers, Hill Billy Walkers Mosey to the wheel of doom (a fairly steep hill around a building) 20 merkans, take a lap 15 v ups, take a lap 10 burpees, take a lap 5 prison cells, take a lap Mosey to the parking lot. As […]

Some self reflection

This morning 11 men gathered at The Patriot. They were warned to bring gloves, motivation, and their brains. Hopefully all three were employed this morning as we traversed the area for an hour. Started out easy with a few stretches, low slow squats, and tempo merkans. Mosey to the track where we would spend the […]