1 at The Commons

COP: All IC-33- Side Straddle Hop, Moroccan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers 33 merkans oyo 10 burpees oyo Mosey to the Coliseum 10 burpees oyo 11 merkans, bear crawl the ditch, 11 merkans, bear crawl back, 11 merkans (33 merkans total!) Mosey to the park 10 burpees oyo Introduce the plank 20 leg throws 20 plank […]

The Crisis by Thomas Payne

It is always a pleasure to be on Q at PHOP. It feels like returning home. It was my first site and my time as site Q only deepened my affection for this unique location and set up. A quick COP: SSH, Moroccan Night clubs, Imperial Walkers, Merkans- all IC x 10 Thang: Stations- Timer- […]

What makes a Mark?

This morning four of us gathered for a board of pain followed by a conversation about mark. A quick COP of Side Straddle Hop, Moroccan Night Clubs, and Low Slow Squats- All IC- All 18s 18 because that is the number of inches between your brain and your heart. This distance is the essence of […]

Making a mark at The Tavern

This morning 12 men gathered to be pushed and sharpened. As Q it was my pleasure to help provide the opportunity for this. Circle, disclaimer, and then Thang: All IC- Moroccan night clubs, Imperial Walkers, Side Straddle Hop Mosey to the Wheel of Misfortune. A small running circle with a rather steep incline in the […]

Dark Helmet Vs Penny Pincher

Last week PHOP was the place to be. Cheddah came across the river and delivered a terrible beating to a group of crazy mother ruckers. Sand bag toss burpees. All sorts of awful ruck things. Also had Penny Pincher and Dark Helmet doing some QvsQ action. Penny started us off. PAX got into groups of […]

The greatest of these is Love

Today was hopefully physically tough and thought provoking. COP: All 18s, all IC SSH, Low Slow Squat, Moroccan Night Clubs, Seal Jacks, Merkans Mosey to Scholars Walk Alternating Bear crawl and lunge walk post to post until we reach the stairs. Then mosey to the circles. Get into four groups of three for some races […]

Hardcore Triple Threat Match

Today was a special day at PHOP. A battle of the behemoths. A colossal clash of the cavernous creatures. A VS match between the non founding Site Qs of a legendary AO. 11 PAX joined to see how awful it could get. And it did get pretty bad. CSAUP levels of bad. The Qs tried […]