Big Macs Hump day fun

Gentlemen, good morning/evening. Today I bring to you an option …. to carry the weight or not. This is up to you and standard disclaimer applies. This is a mod up or down workout. You have two options, to use a coupon or not… this can be done with a Cindy, ruck, sandbag dumbbell , […]

Run and gun at The Bunker

Today was an unusual day, not just for me, but for the 6 gentlemen that came out this morning to share some pain and gains. I, the biggest of Mac, usually do not post in the gloom. But, on special occasions ( when asked) , YHC will rise from the fartsack and dispense some work. […]

Shooting from the hip

Tonight was a little impromptu at the goose as schrute had informed me there was an event at the AO, so we modified as needed. The parking lot was crowded so we moved down to the track. Stated name , disclaimer and intention and the warm up began: 15 SSH IC 10 imperial walkers ic […]

GoRuck inspired audible

I thought today was going to be like most other Thursdays, had a change to the schedule so I threw an audible. With 4 or 5 guys, it’s easy to handle. But, through some discussion and more than 4 or 5 F3 brothers and 2.0’s pulling up, we decided to do the GoRuck 75th anniversary […]

History time at The Goose

Today before the workout was a super-crazy hectic day. So, prepping for this last minute Q change was a little rushed , so to speak. But, never fear, there is always a workout lingering in my head! We started out gathering at the COT. There were 6 of us ( 2 more than we’ve been […]

Second helping of BigMac @ The Goose

This was my second Q for the week. Warm up 20x SSH 10x seal jacks 10x cherry pickers 10x hillbilly walkers 10x imperial walkers The Thang: Mozied over to cherry park , found an empty field. B.O.M.B.S – 10x then rinse and repeat 5 times Busted out the speaker and did a round of Meet […]