Tavern Backblast

15 pax showed up to help me celebrate three years with F3. A disclaimer was given and the workout began with 3 burpees, one for each year. Warmup: 12 Side Straddle Hops IC 12 Windmills IC 12 Imperial Walkers IC 12 Cherry Pickers IC We moseyed to the parking lot across the street behind Dunkin […]

Petra Backblast

15 pax decided to swallow the little red pill and showed up for an Anchor Bar “day before the Hog & Coyote” moderate workout. After a quick disclaimer, we started out with some Broga as a warm up. We lined up on the parking lot line at the near end of the parking lot and […]

Friends moving to town

My M and I have some young friends moving here from Pennsylvania this month and they can use some help unloading two pods into their townhouse.   I’m told that the pods are filled mostly with furniture, so it should not take very long to unload.  With this month’s theme being Sacrifice, I’m hoping to get […]