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Before the workout began our DR visitor was welcomed and the mumblechatter began.

The disclaimer was give and we warmed up with:
15 Side Straddle Hops IC
10 Low Slow Squats IC
15 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Windmills IC

Moseyed to side lot with wooden benches. All these exercises were done OYO:
7 Derkins
14 Erkins
21 Dips
28 Step Ups (14 each leg)
21 Dips
14 Erkins
7 Dirkins

JAG gave us a “10 count” and told us about himself.

We partnered up for some BOMBS
Burpees 50
Overhead Claps 100
Merkins 150
Bobby Hurley’s 200
Squats 250
One partner ran to the stop sign and back while the other partner performed an exercise. Partners flip-flopped all exercises were completed. The counts on the exercises were all cumulative.

Walker gave us another “10 count” and told us about himself.

We moseyed to the parking lot on the opposite side of the ATC for The Ladder. Started with the exercise at the bottom of the list and moseyed to the opposite side of the parking lot. Each time we completed the previous exercises and added the next one on the list. We all made it through at least the squats, some made it as far as the Monkey Humpers (see picture in this thread).
There were plenty of questions about my about how I came up with the counts for each exercise. I gave a hint that it was just simple math. Paw Paw said he figured it out, but I never got confirmation.

We moseyed back for the COT. JAG led us in the Pledge to the flag and Hillian gave us a “10 count” and shared a bit about himself.

Bethel meal – 2/14
Dam to Dam – 2/18, Freddie’s team has an opening
The Rooster – 3/4, teams are forming – see newsletter for details.

Prayers and Praises
Lifted up Large Mouth’s daughter as she will be transitioning into college life at Winthrop this fall.

It was a great morning of work and fellowship with a DR brother (Large Mouth) from the Greenville, NC area.

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