Wait..you want me to Q a ruck workout?

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Skate or Die was on Q but he’s not in the Rock Slack.
WARMUP: Made our way to the upper parking lot for SSH, Mountain Climbers, Plank work, Windmills, and more SSH without ruck
THE THANG: FYI…this was my VQ (ruck)! I felt WAY outside my comfort zone, which is where we as leaders are meant to be…but like most any challenge we face, the way through it is my taking the next step.
Remaining work with ruck – relocated to the sidewalk just outside the entrance to the BMX track and started at the first light pole with 10 squats, lunge walk to next pole for merkins, reverse lunge walk to the next pole for curls, lunge walk to the next pole for thrusters. Now at the bottom of the hill, we discussed my #OneWord for 2023 of #Intentionality and proceeded to use the hill for a Jacobs Ladder – starting with 10 burpees at the top and 1 big boy sit-up with the ruck overhead at the bottom. The group completed this with just enough time to make our way back to COT
MARY: nothing other than the big boys
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mens shelter, blood drive, d2d fundraising, newsletter
COT: What’s share in COT stays in COT

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