4 on the Floor

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Planned to split the Q into 3rds. Since there was only 4 of us we split it up into 4ths.
WARMUP: @Bashful lead us with a warmup session focusing on arms, legs, and core.
THE THANG: It was then handed over to @Pacman where he lead us towards the Noodle bar. We did some merkins, rotated 90’ did some more merkins, rotated 90’ and repeated. Made our way across the parking lot stopping a few times and also doing some calisthenics along the way. We made it to the wall where we sat then moved off it for some squats then getting back on. I then lead us back over to the parking lot for some 11s. We did squats at the bottom of the hill, merkins at the top. Then @Mountaineer lead us out with some abs and more.

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