Petra Backblast

    • When: 06/14/19
    • QIC: Anchor Bar
    • The PAX: Socrates, Polymer, Chuckie (R), Gold Plate (R), Hawkeye (RRR), Smiley Face (R), River Rat, Al Gore, White Hat, Hee Haw (R), Schrute, Sapper, Atticus, Magic Mike (R), Anchor Bar (R)

15 pax decided to swallow the little red pill and showed up for an Anchor Bar “day before the Hog & Coyote” moderate workout.

After a quick disclaimer, we started out with some Broga as a warm up.

We lined up on the parking lot line at the near end of the parking lot and moseyed to the far end alternating between high knees and butt kickers. We took a ten count before moseying to the wall beside the plaza. We all took a seat against the wall. Starting with the pax at one end, we all took a turn doing a bear crawl to the other end of the pax. We rinsed & repeated 3 times.

We moved back to the shorter end of the wall where we performed a set of 11’s utilizing the wall. We started with 1 merkin on the lower level, scaled the wall and did 10 squats and finished a circuit by running to the lower level … 2 M, 9 S … 3 M, 8 S … and so on.

I gave us a quick breather while talking about the word of the month, axis. I related it to the Q Source topic of the week, Accountability. Our axis should be Christ at the center along with our family close by. We can all use the accountability of a Shield Lock to keep us on our axis.

We took a short mosey to the base of the ramp behind Popeye’s restaurant. We paired up. While one partner moseyed up the ramp and around Popeye’s the other stayed behind to do LBC’s until their partner returned, then flip-flopped. We repeated three times, second time – American Hammers, third time – Flutter Kicks.

We moseyed to the near end of the parking lot and lined up at the curb. We moseyed back to the other end of the parking lot, this time alternating between Side Shuffles and Cariocas.

We took a short breather as we walked to the wall at he near end of the plaza where I found the kettle bell that I had placed there earlier. We all took a seat against the wall and passed the KB down the line alternating it in front of one leg and behind the other before passing to to our neighbor. We Rinsed and Repeated passing the KB back up the line.

After a 10 count we resumed the wall sits passing the KB back down the line with each pax performing 10 forward presses and passed the KB back up the line with each performing 10 overhead presses.

We moseyed back to the COT where we finished with about 4 minutes of Ab Lab.

In the COT we did the count-o-rama and video name-o-rama. When it came time for announcements Hee Haw reminded us that today is Flag Day and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. We closed out the COT prayer requests & praises. Chuckie dismissed us with prayer.

As always, it is an honor and privilege to lead.

-Anchor Bar out

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