History time at The Goose

    • When: 05/30/2019
    • QIC: Big Mac
    • The PAX: Fryin’ Pan, Newton, Phoenix, Gauge, Mongoose,Big Mac

Today before the workout was a super-crazy hectic day. So, prepping for this last minute Q change was a little rushed , so to speak. But, never fear, there is always a workout lingering in my head!

We started out gathering at the COT. There were 6 of us ( 2 more than we’ve been averaging so that makes YHC more enthusiastic ). There were no FNGs  so YHC went through the quick version of the disclaimer.

Warm-up was a quickie

20 SSH ,10 cherry pickers (ic), 10 windmills(ic) and some leg stretching


The group mozied over to cherry park where we acquired part of a field( in the shade seeing as it was 94 degrees), and jumped right into D.o.r.a 1-2-3’s

-100 bench dips

-200 LBCs

-300 squats

After getting catching our breath , YHC brought out a little lesson in history. On May 30th a long time ago Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. Joan was a warrior that was on a mission from God to free her country from the English. We should aspire to be like her. A peasant from the farmlands of France that helped to free a nation, and unite a nation. That we, as HIM set a similar example, should lead our fellow men in the good fight!

We mozied back to the football field where we lined up in the people’s chair on the fence and each pax from right to left did 5 merkins then ran to the other end of the line, like an Indian run.

Next we did a burpee breakdown across the track 1-squat down 2-merkin 3- stand up 4- broad jump

Took a lap OYO at your pace then headed back to COT where YHC held up his promise and we feasted on a popsicle( I had watermelon) like the end of a kids sports game


We focused and lifted up our prayers and praises to God, so that he can watch over the unspoken prayers and lift up the praises!


Big Mac out and see ya next time

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