Turning Point

    • When: 04/19/19
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Ponytail (R), Riddler, Italian Job, Jester, Vuvuzela, Longshanks, Walker (R), Canseco, Penny Pincher, Reborn

Thank you Smokey for giving YHC the opportunity to lead 9 of Rock Hill’s finest HIMs this gloom at The Commons.


We began the morning with a warmup including the following all in cadence:

Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Merkins, & Peter Parker Peters.


We took a short mosey over to the American flag in front of the Post Office where Walker led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Then we headed to the back parking lot for a little fun. YHC listed out a list of exercises for the PAX and the number for each exercise then we commenced. The exercises and reps were as follows: 5-Burpees, 10-Big Boy Sit-Ups, 15-Merkins, 20-Lunges (10 Each Leg), 25-Dbl. Count Flutters, 30-Squats. After the PAX completed the exercises YHC requested they run around the parking lot once. Then Rinse & Repeat once.

After you completed the round twice the PAX were to plank up or bring in the 6.

We then went back to the spot where THE THANG began for what YHC called the TURNING POINT!

We commenced to perform the exercises listed above in reverse order: 30-Burpees, 25-Big Boy Sit-Ups, 20-Merkins, 16 Lunges (8 Each Leg), 10-Dbl. Count Flutters, 5-Squats; but in the opposite order twice.

After this we took  another mosey to a wall for a round of Wall Sits & Merkins by each PAX; Balls to the Wall; Australian Mtn Climbers; Wall Climbs with hands; Wall Climbs with feet-All in cadence.

Then we took another short mosey over to the church for a round of Irkins, Dips, Steps Ups, and Derkins.

Vuvuzela then told YHC we had 7 minutes left (it was actually 11), so YHC decided to change the Weinke and add 60 more Burpees into the mix. We took a mosey over to Earth Fare for 60 Burpees in 6-Mnutes. All PAX completed this.

Then we took a stroll back to the COT for 2-minutes of Ab Lab.


We all have times in our lives that are turning points. Many people say they are forks in the road and maybe they are. However, once you take a turn down one path, those two paths quickly separate and head into different directions.

Those turning points are times in your life where you have to make a decision of course. However, what is shaping your decision making? Normally it will be your world view. How you view the world around you has a huge impact on the decisions you make at your turning points.

YHC challenges all of you to evaluate your world view and see if it aligns with how you want to live your life and to be remembered. Then take a moment to see if you need to change your world view so the decisions made at the turning points are a reflection of YOU.


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The PAX shared their prayers and praises and YHC lifted them up.

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