Influence – It’s What We Do

    • When: 04/18/19
    • QIC: Walker
    • The PAX: Italian Job, White Hat, Gold Plate (R), Catfish, Ponytail (R), Lock Pick, Noodle, Pescador, Smokey, Tomb Stone, Bubble Wrap, Herbie, Hot Sauce, Reborn, Walker (R)

Twelve brothers posted at The Tavern for some boot camp work while two went on a rucking tour.  Here’s what we did in the boot:

Warmup:  Moseyed to the Harris Teeter parking lot were we did the following:  SSH, MNC, Cherry pickers, merkins, squats, all in cadence with some stretching thrown in.  

The Thang:

For lack of a better term, I named this routine “Walker’sTriangle” and here is what we did.  There are 3 workout stations located in the form of a triangle with about 30 yards distance between each station.  At the first station, we did prison cell merkins, 2nd station was body squats, and the 3rd station was flutter kicks double count.  Since we actually do 3 merkins in the course of performing one complete movement of a prison cell merkin, we did 3 times the count at the other 2 stations.  For example, 10 prison cells at 1st station, 30 body squats at 2nd station, and 30 IC (60 total)flutter kicks at 3rd station.  For the 2nd round, 9 prison cells, 27 squats, and 27 IC flutter kicks.  We continued this routine down to 5 prison cells, 15 body squats, and 15 IC flutters (6 rounds).  I would normally run this routine all the way down to 1 but I wanted to run another routine before time ran out.  After we completed the triangle work, we did some ab work in the form of heels six inches off the ground.  I added a “twist” and had the PAX rotate their feet back and forth to engage the obliques along with the rectus abdominis muscle. We did this for about 90 seconds.  After this, we finished up the workout with “Elevens” using burpees on one end and jump squats at the other end with about 25 yards between the 2 stations. After completion of this routine, we headed back to the COT.

COT:  I spoke about the fact that even when we are working out, we are either influencing or being influenced by others.  I think there are many people who see themselves as non – influential or resistant to being influenced, but that’s not really the case in my experience.  I am influenced almost constantly by the PAX I work out with in the gloom even though they are completely unaware of their influence on me.  So, with that said, if there is a brother out there who thinks he has no impact or influence on the men around him, think again!  You are much more influential than you perceive yourself to be and can be a force and a rock to your F3 brothers.  We wrapped up with announcements and prayers.  Please read the newsletter for upcoming events.  As always, it’s a pleasure to hang out and work out with the brothers.  Thanks to Pescador for allowing me the opportunity to lead this workout.

Walker Out!





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