Eagle’s Nest Tag Team Q

    • When: 04/09/19
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: Riddler, Italian Job, Anchor Bar, Lock Pick, Stork, Blue Hose, Toot Toot, Ironsights, Goldplate, Tombstone, Kodak and Jester

YHC had the privilege of spending the morning with 12 HIMS.  After the disclaimer was disclaimed, YHC shared the following scripture as it has come to YHC’s attention a couple times since January:

 Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up.”

It was back in January that YHC first came across this scripture in preparation for a Co-Q with YHC’s Whetstone partner (Ironsights) at The Tavern. YHC found it applicable as the Whetstone program is intended to act as a mechanism for two PAXs to lift each other up when necessary. The second time YHC came across this scripture was just the other week at Bunker Hill where Pac Man was on Q discussing men’s mental health and suicide. Italian Job had brought it up in the COT that morning as well. Prior to this, YHC had primarily focused on one side of the equation where as men we need to extend our hand to offer help when another has fallen to pick them up. This is a wonderful part of the equation…no doubt. However, as YHC can be slow on the intake at times, YHC realized that there is in fact a second part to the equation here.

YHC greatly appreciates that Italian Job shared this scripture the other week because it brought the other side of the equation to light for YHC when heard again at Bunker Hill. As men, in YHC’s opinion, it is just as important that we not only extend a hand to help pick someone up, but accept a hand when given as well. I shared with the PAX how this realization applied to YHC at home with my M after the following thang went down:

  • Warm Up:
    • Windmills (10 in Cadence)
    • Plank Position into Downward Dog to Stretch Calves & Back (10 count) move back to Plank Position
    • Mountain Climber Merkins – 10 in Cadence
    • Plank Jacks – 10 in Cadence
  • Mosey to flag for pledge of allegiance.
  • Mosey to lady on the bench:
    • Partner 1 crab walk while partner 2 Lt. Dan’s next to partner 1 alternating when one needs to “tap” out and switch positions until both partners reach the circle after second set of stairs.
  • Mosey with partners staying with each other on their way to the loading dock:
    • ROUND 1 – against the wall one partner assumes peoples’ chair position and holds partner 2’s legs. Starting at one end, partner 2 does 10 derkins. Next pair in line picks up and does the same all the way down the line while other PAX hold initial position. Partners can “tag” out at any point to switch positions as many times as needed.
    • ROUND 2 – partner leg throws cumulative to 75 between partners and partners can “tag” out at any point as many times as needed and switch until 75 count is reached.
    • ROUND 3 – same as ROUND 1, but partners swap starting positions from ROUND 1.
    • ROUND 4 – Partner 1 does twisting big boy sit ups while partner 2 holds partner 1’s feet down. As a team, will go to a cumulative 125 count (each twist counts as 1). Partners can “tag” out and switch positions at any time as many times as needed to reach the 125 count.

The following was also on the docket, but time ran short and we had to get back to the COT.  So, something to save should Tombstone invite me back to Eagle’s Nest at some point to Q again:

  • Mosey to coupon pile at the bottom of the stairs:
    • ROUND 1 – Partner 1 starts overhead presses while other partner does merkins. Overhead presses dictate the count. Partners work to a cumulative 75 count and can “tag” out to switch positions as many times as needed.
    • ROUND 2 – Partners alternate doing squats with coupon. Partner 1 holds coupon and does a squat. Partner 1 hands coupon off once back up in the upright position and partner two repeats squat with coupon. This continues until 20 squats are completed by each partner (40 cumulatively).
    • ROUND 3 – Same as ROUND 1, but swap out overhead presses with bicep curls and merkins with flutters and increase the count to 155. Partners can “tap” out to switch positions at any time as many times as needed.

Back at the COT prior to counting off, announcements and prayers, YHC had some final words with regard to accepting a hand when needing help in the case of YHC and his M. It is unfortunate this realization didn’t occur sooner because it probably could have saved quite a few arguments over the past fifteen years of marriage. You see, both YHC and his M tend to be on the stubborn side and tend to be terrible at accepting help from each other. So, we often tell each other, “no…I’m good. I can handle whatever it is that is being done at that particular moment. I don’t need help or want to burden you with whatever it is so I’ll handle it.” Sadly, a good portion of our arguments stem from feeling unappreciated when either one of us feel like we are carrying more of the workload around the house. Anyone see the insanity of this yet? Because neither one of us are good at accepting help when offered a hand, we’ve essentially created an inevitable cycle of feeling unappreciated at some point which ultimately leads to frustration with the other.  Fortunately, this frustration has not led to an overall feeling of bitterness which can be the result at times. And, bitterness has no place in a marriage because it has the potential to create division. YHC believes Mark 3:25 says it best, “And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

So, now comes the hard part as I think is the case with most men…accepting help when it is needed. So, from this, the hope in YHC’s case with my M is that I convert this realization to awareness and act on it going forward and be willing and open to accept help from my M when offered. And, on the flip side, offer help without any quid pro quo type expectations. Because, at the end of the day, isn’t helping one another a major component to marriage?

Announcements pretty much boiled down to reading your newsletter as there is much going on in the Rock Region for the month of April!

Prayers were offered up for smooth transitions for PAX moving and taking on new jobs along with prayers for healing for PAX who have been experiencing illnesses cycling through the household the past few weeks.



Jester Out

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