Chuckie’s PHOP Birthday “Beatdown”

    • When: 03/06/19
    • QIC: Chuckie
    • The PAX: Goldplate (Respect), Chuckie YHC (Respect)

It was cold at on this 6th day of March in the 59th year of my life.  Yes it is Chuckie’s birthday today and I had to Q a workout, just because.

So I showed up intending to do some Cindy work but fate changed that plan.  It was a totally respectable workout as both attendees are #HIM Respectables.  And unfortunately both of us are having back issues so we Omaha’d the workout.  Mine from a fall on the slopes at Winterplace this past weekend.

Disclaimer given.  Don’t know why we did but it is good to keep in good practice.


R over L for a 10 count (funny thing is neither one of us could get near our toes)

L over R for a 10 count

Seated Pigeon Pose for a 10 count

Reclining Pigeon Pose for a 10 count

Horizontal Imperial Walkers 15 IC


We then took off, well not really, we walked due to our back issues through Norwood Ridge.  We did two complete laps around the neighborhood.  We had good conversation about numerous things and enjoyed the fellowship together.  We ended up walking or “measuring” 2.25 miles.

We returned to the for the COT and had 3 minutes left so we rinse and repeated the warm up portion in reverse order.

Horizontal Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Reclining pigeon pose 15 count

Seated pigeon pose 15 count

R over L 10 count

L over R 10 count

Announcements made.

Prayers lifted.

Thank you Goldplate for letting this old guy lead this morning.

Chuckie out!!


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