March Madness/Basketball Movie Trivia

    • When: 02/28/2019
    • QIC: The Big Fundamental
    • The PAX: Blueprint, Homer, Waterboy, Gold Plate, Fryin' Pan, White Hat, Pescador, 8 Mile, Deacon, Stork. The Big Fundamental, Herbie, Ponytail

13 HIM braved The Tavern for a March Madness/Basketball Movie Trivia beatdown.  4 brothers had to Humpty which left 9 for the main event.  After a brief warm-up and a slow mosey over to the parking lot in front of Papa Johns, the beatdown began:


Left over right

Right over left

Moroccan Night Clubs – IC 20x

SSH – IC 20x

Merkins – IC 10x

Low Slow Squats – IC 10x

The Workout:

Questions were asked about the NCAA tournament as well as basketball movies.  Correct answers resulted in an easier exercise while a wrong answer increased the pain.  The exercises in bold indicate if the correct answer was given.

  • How many teams were in the first NCAA basketball tournament in 1939?


10 Merkins                                         25 Merkins

  • Who was the first NCAA champion?


10 Squats                                            25 Squats

  • Name the 4 of the 8 teams in the first tournament:

Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah State, Brown, Ohio State, Villanova, Wake Forest

25 LBCs                                                 50 LBCs

  • Which school has the most NCAA titles

UCLA – 11

1 lap to Red Bowl                            2 laps to Red Bowl

  • Name the two main character from the movie White Men Can’t Jump:

Sidney Deane and Billy Hoyle

10 Carolina Dry Docks                    25 Carolina Dry Docks

  • Most points scored in a NCAA tournament game by an individual player:

61 points by Austin Carr, Notre Dame in 1970

10 count                                              10 Burpees

  • Name the only team to win the NIT and NCAA in the same year:

City College of New York in 1950

10 Merkins                                         30 Merkins

  • Name the three of the four “major” schools that have not made the NCAA tournament:

Army, The Citadel, William & Mary, and St. Francis – Brooklyn

10 Squats                                            30 Squats

  • Most #1 seeds in history:

UNC with 20

25 LBCs                                                 50 LBCs

  • Worst seed to win the tournament

Villanova – #8 seed

1 lap                                                      2 laps

  • In the movie White Men Can’t Jump, which flag did Billy have to shoot at to get Gloria on Jeopardy?


10 Carolina Dry Docks                    30 Carolina Dry Docks

  • Only #16 to win against a #1 seed:

UMBC vs. UVA in 2018

10 count                                              10 Burpees

  • Most individual career points to tournament history:

Christian Laettner – 407 points

10 Merkins                                         35 Merkins

  • Only school to win the men’s and women’s tournament in the same year:


10 Squats                                            35 Squats

  • Name the two players that completed “The Shot” that won NC State the championship:

Derrick Whittenburg and Lorenzo Charles

25 LBCs                                                 50 LBCs

  • Name the first school whose starting five was all African-American:

Texas Western in 1966

1 lap                                                      2 laps

  • Name Will Ferrell’s team in the movie Semi-Pro:

Flint Tropics

10 Carolina Dry Docks                    35 Carolina Dry Docks

  • Name 3 of the 4 schools to have undefeated seasons:

UCLA, UNC, Indiana, San Francisco

10 Count                                              10 Burpees

  • Most Final Four Appearances

UNC with 20

10 Merkins                                         40 Merkins

  • Player with most block shots in a tournament game

Shaquille O’Neal – 11 blocks vs. BYU

10 Squats                                            40 Squats

  • In the movie He Got Game, name the main character played by Ray Allen:

Jesus Shuttlesworth

25 LBCs                                                 50 LBCs

It was a total of 65 Merkins, 105 Squats, 175 LBCs, and approx. 1.5 miles.


Prayer requests:

Stork:                    Prayers for patient who has received difficult medical news about their baby.

Fryin’ Pan:           Prayers for customer that has Stage 4 cancer

White Hat:          Prayers for his goddaughter as she struggles at college and gets the help she needs.


Thanks to Pescador for the opportunity to lead.


The Big Fundamental out!

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