Addiction is Paralysis

    • When: 02/25/19
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Popeye, Italian Job, Maximus, Honeypot, Schrute, Double D (R), Sandlot, Rock Thrill, Cake Boss, Walker (R), Stang, Ponytail (R), The Riddler, Shady, Lutefisk, Toot Toot, Smokey, Jester, Harry Carry, Herbie, Canseco, Reborn

It was an extreme honor to lead the 21 PAX who decided to break out of the fartsack this clear and cool gloom at this AO which YHC loves so much. Thank you to all the PAX (brothers) who showed up this gloom. I appreciate you all.

YHC give the F3 Disclaimer and we all reviewed the F3 Core Values.


All in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Merkins, Peter Parker Peters.


We then took a quick mosey towards the hot box stopping at the decorative lights at the fountain for a series of the following: Irkins, Dips, Step-Ups, & Derkins (all in cadence).

After this we ran to the back of the hot box and all the way to the top and then back down to the bottom. We grabbed some wall for People’s Chair where YHC shared some of the story below. We then began the real fun. We started on the bottom level with a round of simple, but yet profound, exercises in cadence: Low Slow Squats, Merkins, Flutters. Then we ran to the top for a series of similar exercises that were a bit more difficult: Low Slow Jump Squats, Wide Arm Merkins, Tricycles. Then we ran back down to the bottom and continued on: Low Slow Jump 180 Squats, Diamond Merkins, LBCs. Top: Low Slow Jump Squat with a lateral jump. Staggered Merkins (Lt arm forward), V-Ups. Bottom: Sumo Squats, Staggered Merkins (Rt arm forward), Big Boy Sit-ups. Then we took another mosey back to the top for another round of Merkins, Regular Squats, & 6-Inches and then moseyed down (note that was 4-times).

We then took a quick mosey over to the loading dock behind the church on Main St. where we started with 25 6-Count Burpees. Then we planked with our feet on the loading dock where YHC shared more of the story below.


Today marks the 4-year anniversary of YHC being sober. I know it might not sound like a big date, but every year means a lot to YHC and my family.

As we look back at our situation 4.5-years ago, we see that when YHC was struggling with depression and trying to battle it with alcohol (the self medication of choice for YHC) it was almost as if YHC was paralyzed. YHC would not listen to anyone who was trying to help even though I knew I had a problem. I was trying to do it alone.

YHC and my M saw this recently in a show we were watching where a police officer was struggling with opioids due to a previous shoulder injury. No matter what he did himself, he could not overcome it alone. He was also not sharing it with anyone else who was close to him. Finally the addiction led him, and his team, into a extremely difficult situation where he was almost shot by another one of his teammates. At this point his teammates took some drastic steps to intervene and help him.

This raised some interesting emotions in YHC as it brought tears to my eyes. YHC saw our previous situation in this man who was on TV. Trying to do it alone, denying his problem, avoiding people whom he love and who loved him, drifting from God: All of these are not good when you are struggling. DO NOT DO IT!!

This brings me to my main point here: All of us are here to make each other better. If you see or feel that another brother is struggling, don’t let him just blow you off. Take some time to have coffee with him and offer help. If a man is struggling and trying to do it alone, HE IS PARALYZED! Make it a point to reach out to him and lock shields to sharpen iron.

Be like the friends of the paralyzed man that is mentioned below: do whatever it takes to help a brother:

Luke 5:18-20 ‘And behold, some men were bringing on a bed a man who was paralyzed, and they were seeking to bring him in and lay him before Jesus, but finding no way to bring him in, because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and let him down with his bed through the tiles into the midst before Jesus. And when he saw their faith, he said, “Man, your sins are forgiven you.”’


The Rooster II-March 2. Read Newsletter for information.

Joe Davis Run & Operation Sweet Tooth Runs.

Read Your Newsletter.


YHC had all PAX share a prayer or praise and then lifted up what YHC could remember. All other PAX were encouraged to pray for each other.

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