Work-off the Sickness at Night at The Museum:

    • When: 02/04/19
    • QIC: Gold Plate
    • The PAX: PacMan, Red October, Pot Roast, Slow Pitch, Big Mac, King Pin &;; Gold Plate

Gold Plate jumped in for the substitute sickness Q..A bit of the Super Bowl Score Counts

Warmup started with 1 Burpee oxo, then 13 ct Morrocans, then 1 Burpee, then 13 Imperial Walkers then 1 Burpee, then 13 Ct Cherry Pickers then 1 Burpee, then 13 ct Windmill then 1 Burpee, then 13 ct SSH then 1 Burpee..a short Mosey per to Dutchman. after 1/4 mile mosey a circle up for 13 ct merkins and 3 Burpees oyo, then an extra Burpee when the school bus honked its horn..then another 1/4 mile mosey to the tables………

Part 2. (The final Score).  13 ct Dips, then 3 squats: 13 ct Erkins then 3 squats: 13 Ct Derkins then 3 squats: 13 Ct Plank Jacks then 3 squats: 13 ct Shoulder Taps then 3 squats: 13 ct Mountain Climbers then 3 squats…13 ct Dry Docks then 3 squats……3 Burpees OYO.. there were a few 10 counts thrown in as needed……a short 1/4 mile mosey to other lot……..

Part 3. The Hidden Cindys……Of Course..even after Red October had commented that he had pre searched for them and didn’t see any..ha….

13 (all double counts) Curls. then 1 Burpee..13 Squats then 1 Burpee..13 ct Shoulder Press, then 1 Burpee.. 13 ct Triceps (these were tough by now), then 1 Burpee. 13 ct flutters w/ Press then 1 Burpee..13 ct big boy situps then 1 Burpee……Each Pax carried a Cindy back to the AO for the lighting Round…..

Part 4…The Super Bowl Spelling Game…The Pax has to suggest 3 words relating the to Game..The letter of each word would correspond to an Alphabet Board of Pain List…The words were PUNT. RUN. MVP

P=15 Morrocans; U=30 Morrocans: N=40 SSH..T=15 squats…..

R=15 Merkins..U=30 Morrocans..N=40 SSH

M=20 Burpees..V=3 minute wall chair..P=15 Morrocans…

Finished up with 5 Burpees OYO.

A brief word on the “Weakest Link in the Chain”.. ( A Chain is only as strong as its weakest link)……A lot of new PAX feel like they are the weakest link when they 1st start to post. “I know I did”. But in F3 this is NOT TRUE..A chain has many links and in F3 the stronger links can shorten the chain in order to take the pressure off the PAX that may consider himself to somehow be the weaker link..The stronger/faster HIMS drop back for the Clydesdales or jump in to help on the long count Reps / Shield Locking and help by setting the example…these things make ALL The Links stronger….


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