Embrace the discomfort

    • When: 01/22/19
    • QIC: Schrute
    • The PAX: The Big Fundamental, Toot Toot, Honeypot, Tinker Toy, Kelvin, Schrute, Iron Sights, Riddler, Klinger, Walker, Moneybags, Herbie, Jester

12 men joined YHC on a balmy 22 degree morning for 6 miles of mosey with some speed work intermixed.

The Thang:

Slow mosey to get warm up India Hook to Oakland Baptist. Stretch at OBC. Slightly faster run down Ebenezer. 5kish (as much as can be done when its that cold) down Herlong back to the AO. Slower run back up India Hook to Oakland Baptist, turn around and back to the AO.

The Pax got between 5.7-6.7 miles, depending on how fast they went and how far they went back for the 6.


As I mentioned Friday, we need to embrace the discomfort that comes with leading. Often times, our own fear of discomfort leads to regret. My challenge to each Pax is simple: Get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself. That might mean doing a type of workout that you normally don’t do or a CSAUP that stretches you. (1st F). It could mean reaching out to that new guy or EHing a guy that would be out of your comfort zone. (2nd F). It could mean going to a bible study or QSource for the first time (3rd F). By stretching ourselves and getting uncomfortable on our own, we will be better prepared for the times that life makes us uncomfortable.

And as always, the point of leading in F3 is to begin sharpening your leadership skills for application outside of F3. Its not enough to lead just in F3. We must lead outside of F3. Lead our families. Lead our children. Lead our community. If you aren’t leading, then who is? Let’s go and lead, men!

Great work by all the Pax this morning! Appreciate all the men who braved the cold temperatures to post!

See you in the gloom! Aye!

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