Broga & Slowsy Part Deux

    • When: 11/28/2018
    • QIC: Chuckie
    • The PAX: Gold Plate (Respect), White Hat (Runner), Taken, Chuckie (Respect).

A cold morning of 25 degrees for some Broga and Slowsy (Slow Mosey).  YHC, Chuckie,  promised no gear at PHOP on this day due to no gear usage because of recovering from Sciatica.  So YHC rehashed his workout from October at Independence with some good Sciatic nerve/back stretches that we concentrated on for the workout.  We had three PAX to start on this cold morning.

A disclaimer was given by YHC.  No FNG’s at the workout on this morning



left over right leg stretch for a 15 count

right over left leg stretch for a 15 count

Abe Vigoda Windmills IC for a 10 count.

White Hat headed to run for some cardio work and Gold Plate and YHC began the workout and as we started our first slowsy our brother Taken came jogging in for the workout.

The Thang

Reclining Pigeon Pose.  Pax got on our six and with legs stretched out straight you brought your right ankle and placed it on top of your left knee.  You then grasp above your left knee with both hands and pull your left leg toward your torso.   We reversed and placed our left ankle on our right knee.  Each time for a 10 count.  You do these stretched until you feel the stretch but not to the point it hurts.

Seated Pigeon Pose.  Pax remained on our six and while in a seated position you place your right ankle on your left knee and with your left leg straight you leaned your body over your legs as far as you can to get a good stretch.  We reversed to the right leg being straight and YHC asked two different Pax for a 10 count.

Horizontal Imperial Walkers.  Pax remained on our six and   So laying flat on your back you brought your right knee over toward your left shoulder and then your left knee toward your right shoulder.  We did this exercise in cadence for a 20 count.

We then slowsey’d (slow mosey) around the church stopping at each corner of the block.

1st corner we planked and raised our right leg as high as we could while keeping your leg straight for a 10 count.  We then switched to the left leg for a 10 count.  Gold Plate aptly named this exercise The Whizzing Dog.  I hope it can make the Lexicon.


2nd corner we all got on our six and did the Dying Cockroach for a 10 count IC.


3rd corner we planked and did the Whizzing Dog for another 10 count on each leg.

Slowsy’d to the fourth corner and did the dying cockroach once again.  We then slowsy’d to the brick “bridge” at Norwood Ridge neighborhood for some hammy stretches for a 10 count on each leg.

Asked Taken for an Apache 10 count and found out how Taken received his F3 name.

The PAX then walked back (briskly)to the AO and had a message about “Growing Gratitude.”

The PAX then rinsed and repeated the stretching exercises and the Slowsy around the church but this time we ran the opposite way around the church.

After returning to the AO the PAX circled up for a little AB Lab. Gold Plate chose American Hammers, YHC chose Hello Dollies, Taken chose LBC’s and White Chose Flutter Kicks.  Gold Plate mentioned that maybe we need to have some workouts that are focused solely on stretching and I think is a good idea.

Thank you Gold Plate for allowing me to lead the leaders and be the Q at PHOP on this day.

Chuckie out!

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