Gold Exhibit at Night at The Museum.

    • When: 11/26/18
    • QIC: Gold Plate
    • The PAX: Newton, Pacman, Slow Pitch, Gold Plate & FNG-Big Mac

Warm ups consisted of R/Left & l/Right; Cherry Pickers; Windmills; Imperial Walkers,  50 SSH, Hillbilly Walkers & few more SSH..them mosey to Dutchman school…….Stopped 1/2 way to do more SSH, then finished mosey at outside tables/benches. .4 mile mosey. At tables did 10 dips, 10 Irkins, 10 Derkins, and calf raise circle of 10 ct each. More SSH then Repeat previous w/ 15 counts each but calf circle was 20 ct each. More SSH then Lunges followed by Bear Crawl, them Lt Dans followed by Bear Crawl, then short mosey to find some wall…….In peoples chair 15 ct Head,shoulders, knees and toes-10 ct then repeat………Then more SSH and back into chair position- starting at one end-each PAX would do 5 merkins & bear crawl to other end- repeated twice…..then Mosey .4 mile back to COT for Finale……Finale consisted of seven orange cones spaced approx 100 yards. Suicides to each cone carrying a Coupon. Coupons consisted of 2- 30 lb rucks, 35 lb sandbag, fire hose & 5′-6″ square post. Carry a coupon to each cone and drop coupon- then do prescribed Burpee & Exercises… starting with 1 Burpee, adding an additional burpee at each cone and exercises consisted of Squats, Merkins, Am Hammers, LBC, Mnt Climbers, Plank Jacks and Box Cutters……..Once completed more SSH then Lunges on way back thru cones doing 5 squats at each cone..A few more SSH then Done……also, the FNG-Big Mac was almost named Happy Meal- Happy Meal was the Group Favorite but Newton was given the final decision…….Considering a rename for Newton, who is a Math Teacher, to Fig Newton- just has a better sound….



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