Introducing the Boad of Pain

    • When: 11/19/2018
    • QIC: Red October
    • The PAX: Red October, PacMan, and Newton

3 (including 1 FNG) joined YHC at Night at the Museum.

We started with the disclaimer and an introduction to F3.

The warmup: 20 SSH, 40 Arm circles in each direction, a short mosey, and cherry pickers.

The Thang: We introduced a game board with multiple squares that all had exercises written on them. We took turns rolling the dice to move a game piece around the board while performing the exercise that we landed on. We mostly got lucky and avoided the burpee squares, but did seem to do an awful lot of tricep dips on the curb. In the mix were bear crawls, merkins, carolina dry docks, and many other fun things.

Overall, it was a pretty fun workout, but may not have been as intense as what some prefer. It worked out pretty well though, because it gave us a chance to connect with our FNG.

We closed with COT and discussed the importance of accountability among our brothers.

Please welcome Newton to the pax.

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