Old Town was Golden today.

    • When: 10/29/18
    • QIC: Gold Plate
    • The PAX: Honey Pot and Shrute chased squirrels for 6 miles: Poneytail, Reborn, Conseco, Herbie and Gold Plate did Boot and Mosey Scoot

after 25 SSH (dbl ct) did a short Mosey to Amphitheater for quick stairs, 25 SSH, Bear Crawl and Crawl Bear Seats. A short Mosey to Fountain Park for15 Dips, 25 SSH & 15 Big Boy Sit Ups Navy Seal Style. Short Mosey to Hot Box for 10 ct Australian Balls to Wall the Wall Chairs/ head shoulder knees toes. Then mosey to top deck for 10 SSH the Cindy/Plank Workout Circuit. 10 CT’s Of Merkins- Plank shift, Plank Jacks- Shift, Shoulder Taps- shift, Dry Docks.. Recover and then repeat. 15 ct SSH then repeat Plank Circuit. Mosey back down repeating Wall Chairs and Australians along the way. Then Mosey to Legal Remedy for another Cindy Cicuit of 10 CT’s Over Head Presses, curls, Cindy squats, Cindy shoulder presses and Cindy lifts, flutters w/ Cindy press and Am Hammers w/ Cindy’s. Recover then repeat. Before leaving did 25 more SSH. Then approx 1 mile mosey back to the COT. And Done.

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