Batman Trivia Workout at The Tavern

    • When: 10/15/18
    • QIC: White Hat
    • The PAX: Tombstone, Smokey, Bubble Wrap, Pescador, PCH, Ripstik, Herbie, Gold Plate (R), Jester, Deputy Dawg, White Hat

It was a cool and rainy morning but that didn’t stop 11 PAX from posting at the Tavern.  No FNG’s were present so a quick disclaimer was given and we got after it.



10 Windmills IC

10 Cherry-pickers IC

12 Imperial walkers IC

12 Hillbilly walkers IC

12 Moroccan night clubs

We then moseyed over to the HT parking lot and around the shopping center. I intended to do our workout in the middle of the parking lot but the rain picked up as we came around the front of the shopping center which led us to stop in front of the Step South Dance studio.  Then I broke out my trivia Weinke and engaged the PAX in a mental and physical beatdown.  The trivia format was based around Batman lore and included comics, TV shows, movies, and video games with multiple choice answers for each question.  Taking direction from previous trivia workouts by the incomparable Italian Job, there were specific exercises depending on if the question was answered correctly or not. I’ve bolded the correct answer and the exercise we did.

What super villain broke Batman’s back, leaving him wheelchair-bound?JokerKiller CrocBaneRa’s Al Ghul20 SSHs20 Merkins
Who is credited with creating Batman?Jack KirbyBob KaneJoe ShusterJerry Siegel20 Imperial Walkers10 Diamond Merkins
Which of these Bat-villains was introduced first?Mr. FreezePenguinCatwomanRiddler15 Squats (IC)10 Burpees OYO
What writer first referred to Batman as the “Dark Knight”?Christopher NolanBob KaneBill FingerFrank Miller25 MNCs1 minute Al Gore
Who was the original Robin?Tim DrakeCarrie KellyDick GraysonJason Todd25 Calf Raises15 Crab Jacks
Who has been the most prevalent Batman voice actor?Bruce GreenwoodKevin ConroyRino RomanoAdam West15 LBCs15 Makhtar N’Diaye’s
Who is Professor Jonathan Crane?Mad HatterMan-BatRiddlerScarecrow10 Hand Release15 Flutters (IC)
Who was the first Batman supporting character to be introduced?Commissioner GordonRobinAlfredVicki Vale30 sec Plank15 Plank Jacks
What is the name of the Penguin’s nightclub?Umbrella LoungeClub PenguinIceberg LoungeClub Glacier10 Count10 Burpees OYO
What alias does Batman often use when working undercover?Matches MaloneDon FortunatoWilson FiskCarmine Falcone15 Bobby Hurleys15 Gorilla Squats
Which of the following phrases have been commonly applied to Batman?Worlds Greatest DetectiveCaped CrusaderDark KnightAll of the above15 Bomb Jacks20 Overhead Claps
Who is Dr. Jervis Tetch?DeadshotMad HatterClock KingKiller Croc15 CDD15 Merkins
Who killed Jason Todd (the second Robin)?JokerTwo-FaceBatmanBane20 Shoulder Taps15 Mountain Climbers
What color was the original Batmobile?BlackRedGrayBlue10 Count10 Burpees OYO
Who is Bruce Wayne’s business manager at Wayne Enterprises?Lucious FoxAaron CashHarvey BullockCarmine FalconeOverhead ClapsLap
Who did Alfred the butler beat up in Injustice: Gods Among Us?BatmanRobinBatgirlSuperman10 Count10 Knee Tar Jais
Bruce Wayne’s parents died outside of what theater?Monarch TheaterRoyal TheaterRidlea TheaterGotham Theater20 American HammersCrab Walk
Which of the following actresses didn’t play Catwoman on the 1960’s show?Julie NewmarEartha KittLee MeriwetherYvonne Craig15 Rosalitas10 Prison Cell Merkins
How many actors have played Batman in live-action shows or movies?58131515 Big Boy SitupsLap
Who has been the most prevalent Joker voice actor?Anthony IngruberJohn DiMaggioTroy BakerMark Hamill20 Monkeys10 Hand Release Merkins
Who killed Batman’s parentsJoe ChillJokerJack NapierRa’s Al Ghul10 Lunges15 Wide Arm Merkins

Once I had gone through all 20 questions we moseyed over to the VA center where we recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

There was still a few minutes to fill so we did some arm burn.  This is a series of arm exercises in cadence and one’s arms may not be lowered until the Q has completed each exercise: small circles forward and back, big arm circles, straight up circles, presses, overhead claps, Moroccan night clubs, seal claps, butterfly.

YHC then gave a word on sacrifice.  I has struck me over the years how Batman will readily risk his life to save another, even if that person is an enemy.  This brought to mind John 15:13 – No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends.

This does not have to mean physical death for the one who sacrifices but instead putting aside ones own desires for the benefit of ones they love.

As it was still raining, I gave the PAX the option to do our name-o-rama under the shelter at the VA Center or in the rain.  We decided to do it in the rain before wrapping up with our announcements, and prayers.

I supremely enjoy being on Q and recognize it as a privilege to lead a fine group.  Shout out to everyone who posted and to Pescador for allowing me to lead.





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