Falcon Zero speed training

    • When: 09/04/2018
    • QIC: Herbie
    • The PAX: Walker, Penny Pincher, Blanks, Catfish, Gold Plate, Pantalones, White Hat, Deputy Dog, Jag, The Riddler, Popeye, Mayflower, Ryder, Herbie

Penny Pincher asked me if I would Q at Falcon Zero.  I asked him if burpees were ok at Falcon zero.  He said yes.   This workout was motivated by a few things.  I’ve heard some good things about the “beyond” workouts in Fort Mill.  So, my goal was to have an intense physical workout and also spiritually.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a small group of guys and can make the conversation more impactful and everyone is more apt to share..

Warm up:

15 x SSH

20 Burpees

Warm up lap.

Timed 1/4 mile.  Goal was you vs you.

15 Burpees

200 M sprint

Cool down jog– Talked about making our mark.  Shared about how I remembered my parents apologizing growing up and how that impacted me.  Shared a little about making our mark with the ones we come in contact with most– specifically my wife and kids and how it can be the biggest struggle with those you love the most.

10 Burpees.

2x 100 M Sprint

Timed 1/4 mile:  Before we ran — we discussed what our quarter mile at the beginning of the workout was and how the goal was to run the same time or faster than the first quarter mile in the workout.  We all achieved it.

Really enjoyed  leading  this morning, great group of guys.

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