Roving Ruck WOD – Communication

    • When: 09/13/18
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Smiley Face (R), Gold Plate (R), White Hat, Catfish, Pantalones, Static, Al Gore, Reborn

It was again an honor to lead 7 HIMs this morning at one of my favorite AO’s in our Region on a Ruck WOD. 4 Ruckers PreRucked prior to the WOD including Cutter who had to head to work before we began.

We began the morning fellowshipping with the Bootcampers, but quickly left them by way of the stash of coupons located nearby. Each Rucker picked up a coupon of his choice and we began a quick Ruck March over to the Event Center of Manchester. This was our warmup.


After arrival, we dropped the coupons for a little PT in the COP. The exercises were: Merkins, CDD’s, Low Slow Squats, Around the Clock, and Flutters w/Press.

YHC then asked the PAX to stay in the circle and follow the directions given. YHC gave the PAX the following directions: Face the outside of the circle; Run until YHC said Stop; Drop the Ruck and run to the original position. Then YHC had all PAX take 15 steps to the left, go find their Rucks, and get back to the circle (after YHC said Go). Plank and wait for the 6 upon arrival. The PAX were given 40-seconds to return to the circle with Rucks on and planked. If they did not accomplish the task in time, the penalty was 5-Burpees (with Ruck on).

The PAX did this routine until they finally communicated enough to determine all they had to do was run in a circle instead of out away from the circle. It took the group 3 tries (with some encouragement) to figure it out. However, once the team started discussing the options, things began to move smoother.

We then began a Ruck March back towards the COT. Along the way we stopped in a grass strip for some Partner Bearcrawls with the coupons. This took communication and teamwork on the partners side to get a good rhythm to complete the crawl of 50 Yards.

We continued to Ruck March to the COT and stopped for some more PT at the fountain including: Irkins, Dips, Step-Ups, and Derkins. Upon arrival to the COT we concluded our time with another round of Around the Clock. We then held our rucks overhead for the NMM and until it was 0600 with some overhead presses thrown in.


Teamwork is vital in all relationships and a key element of teamwork is communication. Teamwork should be found in the home, at work, and in play.. If one person falls down, a good teammate will attempt to pick them up to their feet so the team will continue to be effective. If a teammate falls and nobody stops to pick them up, well, this is not a true team.

In all teams communication is vital. In football, the coach communicates to the leaders on the field, and the leaders communicate to the entire team. In the home, husbands and wives need to communicate well to work well together. At church the pastor should communicate the vision of the church or the church will not be effective. If the team falls short, everybody loses, not just one person.

Jesus had three years in ministry to form his team and communicate the message he wanted them to spread to those around them. He had to communicate it in a way they would understand and in a way in which they could share. In just three years, the beliefs given to them was so effective that it is still real to this day. It is a message of teamwork that will continue to prove to be true until his return. We must work together as a team to communicate the Good News of Christ to all in whom we come in contact with.

Upon arrival to the COT, announcements were given and prayers were lifted. Kenyan led the COT.

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