Making a mark at The Tavern

    • When: 09/13/18
    • QIC: Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Pink Panther, Wu, Hot Sauce, Blueprint, Congressman, Herbie, Bubble Wrap, Mud Puddle, Mr. Big Stuff, Smokey, Ponzie

This morning 12 men gathered to be pushed and sharpened.

As Q it was my pleasure to help provide the opportunity for this.

Circle, disclaimer, and then Thang:

All IC- Moroccan night clubs, Imperial Walkers, Side Straddle Hop

Mosey to the Wheel of Misfortune. A small running circle with a rather steep incline in the middle.

We would perform 10 of an exercise and then run two laps around the building.

  • Burpees
  • 6 Count Body Builders
  • Prison Cell Burpees

Somewhere during the process the mumble chatter turned into grumble chatter. I took it as the compliment it was no doubt intended to be…

Mosey to the wall and sit in the chair of the people for a bit. Then the guy on each end peeled off of the wall and did 10 merkans of whatever form they decided was best. We saw clapping merkans, derkins, and good old fashion all American style regular merkans.

Mosey across the street to the back side of the stores and we proceeded to lunge walk from one light pole to the next. Then Nur. Rinse and repeat until we ran out of light poles. By some strange coincidence this placed us next to a large pile of rocks.

Every man grabbed an appropriately sized one and then circled up for curls and tricep extensions in cadence. We assumed a bear crawl position and slid around the circle before grabbing a rock selected by another man. Some of them were heavier than the one we started with others were lighter.

Normally I try to have a little message with my Q and this month we are discussing mark. I spoke briefly here, find more in the NMM below.

Then we did some more curls and tricep extensions before replacing our rocks (gently and neatly…) and then heading back to the AO by alternating sprints and moseys between the light poles.

At the AO we grabbed partners and did 25 leg throws each followed by 15 power merkans each.

This left us about four minutes left. I just so happened to have a 3:34 version of Tubthumping by Chumbawumba loaded on my phone and pulled up. Yet another wonderful coincidence!

We did a burpee every time he sings “I get knocked down” and did side straddle hops in between when we had the time.


Hopefully this made a mark on the guys who posted this morning. Not the workout, though it was a fairly tough one. Rather the short remarks about mark.

As adults we have tasks to accomplish. Jobs. Obligations. Call them whatever you will, there are expectations that we meet certain standards and objectives.

In my line of work I get to see what happens when men (or more accurately- adults in general) miss their targets. The next person has to pick it up.

As an educator the next person I get to see is a child.

When we fail to make the mark for a child that we should we can create situations where children take on adult responsibilities. I have seen many kids who lack social skills, discipline, or even food because the adults in their world are not carrying the weight that they should.

The fact is every day you make an impact on people around you. Even if those people are only around you emotionally due to you being absent. It is not fair to make others carry the burden for you, even if it is a small one.

Be present with your friends and families. The relationships we build here on Earth are powerful things.

Thanks for your time. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Bill Nye

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