The “Deck of Death” comes to Bunker Hill

    • When: 08/29/18
    • QIC: Polymer
    • The PAX: Bubble Wrap, Inferno (R), Socrates, PCH, Rasta

That 3:50am alarm is no joke, but I was committed to pre-running in the gloom this morning at Bunker Hill before my Q. I arrived at the battlefield and began stretching. PCH soon arrived followed by Rasta. We put in about 2.5 miles in the enemy’s territory and showed the old fartsack who was boss. As we returned to the AO, Socrates and Inferno arrived and we did a little stretching with the general mumble chatter that takes place in the gloom. Bubble Wrap came in hot right at go time and we were off.



  • MNC – 10 (IC)
  • Imperial Walker – 10 (IC)
  • Legs spread stretch to Right, Center, and Left
  • On our 6 for a butterfly stretch

The Thang

  • We traversed the battlefield over to the high school building where we found a bright street light. I explained the rules to the “Deck of Death” and shuffled the cards and we were off.
  • We almost made it the whole workout without a Joker, but we pulled one at 5:50. We did our burpees and our run and I called Omaha because I wanted to share something that I have been contemplating.


I shared with the PAX about Gideon.  He was one of the Judges for the Nation of Israel (See Judges Chapters 6-8). When the Angel of the Lord approached him, the Angel greeted him as “Mighty Warrior”. Gideon dismissed the greeting saying he was the youngest in his family and from the smallest tribe in Israel. But God sees things differently, not with the eyes of man. Gideon let fear guide his actions several times, but still God used him. We do the same thing as Gideon sometimes. We discount who we are and what we can do. We might think, how can God use me? Well, the truth is that, if we know Jesus as Savior, we are a child of God and co-heir to the throne of Heaven. That makes us powerful. We need to remember that as we go into the world each day. No matter what our job is, God calls us to be His child, speak His truth, show His love. Any of us can do that. We can share Jesus wherever we are.


We closed with Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, Announcements, and Pray Requests.

Polymer Out.

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