Eagles Nest 8/28/18 White Hat’s One Year Anniversiary

    • When: 08/28/18
    • QIC: White Hat
    • The PAX: Herbie, Bubble Wrap, Al Gore, Crackerjack, Kodak, Sapper, Anchor Bar (R), Money Bags, Danger Zone, Toot Toot, Jester, Ponzi, Padeye, Homer, Tombstone, Gold Plate (R), Deputy Dawg, Ponytail (R), Catfish, The Riddler, Van Damme, Oglethorpe, Polymer, White Hat

24 brave PAX gathered on the morning of 8/28/18 to celebrate YHC’s one year F3 anniversary. August 29, 2017 was the date of my first F3 post.  I didn’t realize it at the time but my life changed that morning. I thought I was there for a workout but it turned out to be so much more than that.

Once 5:15 had arrived we began with a quick disclaimer (no FNG’s present) and launched into our signature White Hat warm-up:

12 Windmills IC
12 Cherry-pickers IC
Left over right
Right over left
Stretch down to the center, left, and right
Thigh stretches
12 Imperial walkers IC
12 Hillbilly walkers IC
10 Moroccan night clubs

The first PAX I recognized for their commitment and inspiration was The Riddler. While we were at the P200, he heroically stepped up for an injured brother and ran an additional 5 miles (30 total) to ease his burden on the brother. This act inspired me to commit to being a better runner and to sacrifice for the benefit of others.

We then mosey over to the flagpole to recite The Pledge of Allegiance.

There were an even number of PAX so we partnered up. One partner ran the Tillman Loop while the other did a set of AMRAP exercises:

First lap: merkins, urkins, derkins, diamond, wide arm, etc. (PAX’s Choice)
Second lap: LBC’s
Third lap: squats

Once finished, the PAX could plank up, continue squats, or go pick up the six.

The next PAX I recognized was Catfish. He invited me to drive for his P200 team, which was a transformative experience in my F3 journey. He has also inspired me to step up my running and rucking activities. Without his encouragement, I wouldn’t have gotten involved with the Hog & Coyote, City Ruck Tour, or the GoRuck Light I’m doing on 9/8. I consider him my F3 mentor and his impact on my life since starting F3 is unparalelled.

We then moseyed to Scholars Walk to engage in some “Walk Like an Egyptian”. This is like an Indian Run but with the PAX holding a lunge while the last man runs to the front (look it up).
After one full rotation we ended the exercise and moseyed to the wall at the Winthrop Gym for some peoples chair action with the PAX at each end doing 5 merkins and doing the same for each PAX towards the center of the line.

The next PAX I recognized was Al Gore. I brought him to his first workout and I stick with him each time we post together. Numerous times he has urged me to go on without him, insisting that my workout is being hindered by sticking with him. Each time, I tell him “That’s not why we’re out here”. This went on for several months and one day he said “Thanks for always sticking with me. It’s really encouraging to have someone committed making me better”. To which I replied: “THAT is why we’re out here!”

We then moseyed over to the intersection of Alumni Drive and Ebeneezer Ave where I recognized the final PAX on my heart: Anchor Bar
When I first posted I was incredibly out of shape and Anchor Bar latched onto me for the workout (and ever since then, as well). When we started to mosey from the COT at my first post, I made it about 100 yards before stopping because I couldn’t breathe. Anchor Bar was very encouraging as we proceeded through the workout and when it was time to mosey, he would ask “Can you run?”. My answer was either “a little” or “no”. He asked me that question at least a dozen times that day and I had him ask me again today, to which I replied “Yeah, I can” and took off towards the COT.

When we all got back to the COT I had a quick word about how God had worked in my life through F3. I used to be quite committed to holding grudges against people for years at a time. As much as I loved F3 and our brotherhood, I often wondered how my grudges would co-exist with that person being an F3 brother. God, in his infinite wisdom (and sense of humor) answered that question recently, not once but twice. In each case the grudge simply melted away because I love my F3 brothers more than I could hate anyone.

We then proceeded with the count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, prayer requests, and, finally, our closing prayer.

I know I only recognized a few PAX during the workout but I’m grateful to each of you for your commitment and encouragement.

Until next time, White Hat out!


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