It’s Not About Performance

    • When: 08/21/18
    • QIC: Polymer
    • The PAX: HeeHaw (R), Inferno, Socrates, Darth, Atticus, Kenyan (R), Triad, Rocket Man (RR), Lucky Charm (R), Snap On (FNG)

10 HIM accompanied me into the gloom this morning at Iron Academy and placed their trust in YHC to lead them to be better men. It is a weighty responsibility and an honor to be given the trust of other men, and I do not take it lightly. This was my first Kettle Bell led Q, so I wanted to make sure I did it justice.

We started with the Disclaimer, and reviewed the 5 parts of an F3 workout. We had some trouble remembering all 5 parts so it was good that we reviewed them. We had an FNG present so we explained what all we were going to do. Lucky Charm EH’d him so Lucky Charm kept a running commentary/explanation on the exercises as we did them.

The Warm-Up

  • SSH – 20 (IC)
  • Legs Spread Stretch (Right, Center, Left)
  • On 6 – Butterfly Stretch – We could have done this for 45 minutes, but YHC thought better of it (after all, the men needed to make sure they got their money’s worth this morning (FREE – remember?)
  • LBCs – 10 (IC)
  • Hello Dollys – 10 (IC)
  • Recover on feet and stretch arms in front (Left, Right)
  • Stretch arms behind head (Left, Right)

The Thang

  • We picked up our bells and moseyed to the back wall of Academy where we planked or picked up the 6 till all were accounted for.
  • Wall sit (Kenyan 10 count)
  • Wall sit with a 5 Merkin wave starting on the left side
  • 10 Kettle Bell curls Right Arm (IC)
  • 10 Kettle Bell curls Left Arm (IC)
  • Back on the wall for a Wall Sit (Atticus 10 count)
  • Picked up the bells and moseyed around the building to the ramp down to Sam’s Gas.
  • We did 5 sets of the following
    • Top of Hill with Kettle Bells
      • 10 John Deer’s (5 each arm)
      • 10 2-handed Tricep Extension behind head
      • 10 Goblet Squats
      • 10 Around the World
    • Bottom of the Hill
      • 10 Mountain Climbers
      • 10 Bobby Hurleys
      • 10 Seal Jacks
      • 10 Step Lunges (5 each Leg)
  • After our 5 sets the PAX were gassed so I Omaha’d out of the rest of my plan and shared the following:
    • Our world is all performance based. We strive to be better and better. It’s all about: do more, be more, give more, buy more. Have the best car, house, body, shoes, clothes, phone. Newer and faster are always better. We see it in sports, TV, movies, business, music, etc. Thankfully, God’s economy doesn’t work like that. God is not interested in our performance. He doesn’t care how many verses we have memorized, how many hours we serve, how much money we give, how many orphans we take in. Not that there is anything wrong with any of those things, those just aren’t His focus. God’s focus is on your relationship with Him. In other words, do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? If you do, then your performance is not seen, only Jesus’ performance. The other “works” flow naturally out of your love for Him and your relationship with Him. Like sweat naturally flows out of your body when you exercise.

We headed back to the AO and named our FNG, did announcements, and prayer/praises.

It’s not about performance, men, it’s about a relationship.

Polymer Out.

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