Dancing Idiot’s AO

    • When: 8/10/2018
    • QIC: Apache
    • The PAX: All PAX who have a touch of Brackishness wanting to Better ourselves Physically, Mentally and Spiritually


Please Enjoy Video First

DANCING IDIOT: The HIM who initiates a Movement by Influencing a First Follower.



Fellow HIGH IMPACT MEN of The Rock Region are you ready for the next big Thing?

This Friday The Veteran AO will be relocating to First Baptist Church off Dave Lyle Blvd. Why you ask?

The numbers have dropped down at this AO and have actually increased on Fridays at the other 2 AOs, so bring the AO closer to The hub of the Rock Region and centrally located to the PAX will help bring more FNGs and Kotter’s return

  • An opportunity to bring F3Qsource to the Rock Region. Which is something myself and DREDD have been wanting to do for a while.
  • Introduce a new format and for maximizing the allotted time during the workout to share The 3 Fs in one weekly workout.
  • And…. If we don’t never try new things we want and cant fail or fall forward for growth as a region…

What makes this workout so different than anything, not just The Rock Region, but F3Nation, is the way the time will be broken down.

If your mornings are anything like YHC, I’m stressed for time after the workout and can’t attend the Bible’s and Biscuits after Petra.

So we will incorporate the message part in the middle of the workout.

The schedule will be:

Start time and activities

0500 until 0530 Bootcamp

0530 until 0545 F3Qsource weekly message provided by DREDD

0545 until 0600 Run or Ruck

The 0500 until 0530 will be a different weekly Q

0530 until 0545 F3Qsource index will start from The First Quadrant Q1 – Get Right…. Different Q each week and we will go thru the 52 Chapters.

Q Source Index


0545 until 0600 Run or Ruck OYO

This will be a first across F3nation and is put together to maximize everyone’s time and grow better together Physically, Mentally, and most importantly Spiritually.

Hope to see you this Friday 0500 First Baptist Church

Aye!!!!  Apache

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