Control what you can Control

    • When: 8/2/18
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Ponytail, Pacman, Animal, Penny Pincher, Rasta

5 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered at Falcon Zero today for some track work in an effort to keep pushing the rock and try to get a little faster in the process. This was my first time as QIC at this AO and I was really looking forward to it as it was an opportunity to do something different. At the appointed hour we gathered down on the track and YHC explained that we would begin with some light stretching followed by a few of the more typical warmup exercises to get our hearts pumping. So that’s what we did. After we completed this YHC laid out my simple plan for the day

The Thang

We began with a 4 lap warmup at a comfortable pace and we stayed together. Without our legs and lungs warmed up we proceeded on to the main event which included 6 laps of Fartleks going as fast as possible in the straights and slow in the turns. Next we did about a 25 minute tempo run OYO with varying times of 30-60 seconds with alternating hard push pace and normal pace. Tempo runs are great because the push you to go hard and fast and then ideally you see your normal pace increasing. We concluded the time on the track with a few cool down laps and discussed why are they called cool down laps when you’re still sweating and breathing heavy. Excellent point Pacman

We concluded the morning with the count and the Name a Rama and a quick discussion about Control. YHC shared that there are basically 3 things in life that you can control and those are your actions, your attitudes, and the words that come out of your mouth. YHC urged the PAX to control what you can control and the rest will work out

Thanks Penny Pincher for the opportunity to lead today. It’s always an honor to do

Ponytail out

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