Big Fundamental VS The World

    • When: 7/25/18
    • QIC: The Big Fundamental
    • The PAX: Red October, Unitas, Rip Cord, Taken, Gold Plate (R), Bill Nye

It turns out that work does interfere with F3 sometimes. It’s a shame, but it happens.

So today for our Q VS Q we just had one Q. So we decided to see what he had and then compare it to what everyone else who posted could come up with.

A Quick COP and then The Big Fundamental was ready to rock and roll.

10 stations, 2 minutes each, 15 seconds off for transition.

Curls, Triceps extensions, Chain sparks/Honey pots, Hammer strikes, Abyss merkans, Tire pull, Goblet squats, Lunges, Mountain Climbers, and LBCs.
I feel that two of these need explanations:

  1. Chain sparks/Honey pots- Take the heavy chain we have, wrap it around a sign post, lift it up and snap it down (think double arm battle rope style). If it causes sparks then good work! You did a chain spark. If no sparks are present then uh-oh! You did a Honey Pot.
  2. Tire Pull- What is sounds like. On your six pulling a tire on a rope. When it gets to the curb, step in the center and pick it up. Carry it back to the starting point and then repeat.

If you are thinking that any of these exercises are not that tough I encourage you to do it for 2 minutes. Then do all the other stuff with it. It’s pretty bad…

We then took a little mosey around the church and got after it as a group.

Merkans, Earthshakers, Burpees, SSH, V-Ups, running with the cinder block. Many awful things followed the beating that The Big Fundamental laid down.

But it was not enough.

Congratulations to The Big Fundamental for the vicious beating that he brought to PHOP this morning. I would plan on seeing some of those moves again soon.

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