More than a workout group

    • When: 7/2/18
    • QIC: Italian Job
    • The PAX: Smiley Face, Samurai, Blueprint, Sir Purr, Felini, UGA, Sapper, Capt. Kangaroo, Jackhammer, Magic Mike, The Riddler, Al Gore, White Hat, Rocky, Ponytail, Kingpin (FNG), Anchor Bar, Hawkeye, Kenyan, PCH, Three and Out, Padeye, PacMan, Italian Job, and Iron Site

What a way to start the week: 26 strong for a muggy beatdown and word on beating loneliness. Here’s what we did…

The Thang

  • 20 SSHs (IC)
  • 15 Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • 15 Moroccan Night Clubs (IC)

Mosey to the flag pole

  • 10 Alternating Shoulder Taps (IC)
  • Broga
    • Right Hand High
    • Regular
    • Left Hand High
    • Honeymooner
    • Downward Dog
    • Regular
    • Six Inches
  • 15 Cherry Pickers (IC)
  • 20 Windmills (IC)

Mosey to Byrnes Auditorium

  • 15 Low Slow Squats
  • 15 LBCs (IC)
  • 15 Rosalitas (IC)
  • Left over Right
  • Right over Left
  • Butterfly

Mosey to Alumni Walk

  • Merkin (16) at each light pole
  • People’s Chair at DiGiorgio Campus Center

Mosey to the Ampitheatre

  • Dip each level (17)
  • Squat each level (17)

Mosey back to COT

  • 15 SSHs (IC)
  • 10 Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • 10 Moroccan Night Clubs (IC)


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the epidemics effecting men in this country. Our nation is plagued by addictions. These vices (drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling, porn, etc.) are separating us from what we are destined to be. As men, we struggle with the root cause of all of this…loneliness. Men all over our city, state, and country are battling depression, anxiety, fear, and pain and because we are too proud to admit it, we feel we suffer alone. Men, you are not alone. It is okay to break down and admit you need help. At F3, we are the support group that exists to build you up (after breaking your body down). No other fitness group will encircle you with prayer and stand beside you as the world walks out. Fitness is the magnet that brings us together, fellowship is the glue that keeps us intact, and faith is the dynamite that makes this thing explode to impact our communities for the better.

There were many new faces around the COT today. It is important for us to encourage them and be there when they need it. At some point in your F3 experience, you will be the stone that sharpens someone else. At other times, you will be the blade under pressure and grit. Our lives ebb and flow with ups and downs, smiles and frowns. Remember that when you fall, it’s easier to get up when someone extends their hand. Be that hand for your brothers.


Italian Job

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