Relationship, Love, & Affirmation

    • When: 06/23/18
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Gauge, Reborn, Penny Pincher, Mayhem, Fryn’ Pan, Schrute

As always, it was an honor to be asked by Gauge to Q at this great AO again on this cool summer gloom. YHC has always enjoyed this Saturday AO as it has so any options for the QIC. 5 of Rock Hill’s finest HIM’s decided to join YHC today.


We began the morning with the F3 disclaimer and I had the PAX state the 5 core principles for us. Then we started the Warm-Up with the following in cadence: Side Straddle Hops; Low Slow Squats; Merkins; and Peter Parker Peters. We then took a short mosey to the BMX Track to begin the following:


We continued to warmup by doing the following across the parking lot: shuffles, karaokes, high knees, butt kickers. We then took a mosey over the the track bleachers where YHC had placed 3 sandbags weighing 40, 50 & 60+ lbs. each. We then commenced to perfom different exercises at the bottom of the bleachers while one PAX took a sandbag of his choice and went to the top, across, and back down the bleachers.

YHC allowed the PAX to call out exercises as we went to change things up a bit. The only rule was that the bleachers needed to be utilized as much as possible. The exercises YHC remembers that were performed are below:

Merkins, Squats, CDD’s, Lunges, Wide Arm Merkins, LBCs, Freddy Mercuries, Calf Raises, Burpees & Bombjacks, Big Boy SitUps, & Hello Dollies.

We then took another mosey back toward the COT to a small hill just at the entrance where we performed a set of 7’s with Burpees at the bottom of the hill and bombjacks at the top. This was done twice with a set of team squats up and down the hill thrown into the middle.

We got through six rounds. Great work men.

We then took the very short mosey back to the COT. When we arrived at the COT we had 4 MOM.


This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:17)

When was the last time you stated out loud that you have a relationship with your M or your 2.0? When was the last time you stated to them or someone else that you love them? How about the last time you affirmed his or her actions?

YHC will have to admit that failure comes my way often in these areas. I tell my M or my 2.0’s that I love them, but more often than not, I have to admit that it may seem superficial to them. YHC definitely has failed in affirming their actions many times. However, I am quick to point out the wrong things they do.

Well, in the verse above, God the Father did this for Jesus in one sentence. He showed pride in the relationship he had with Jesus: ‘He’s my boy.” He publically stated the love he had for Jesus: ‘I love him.” He told the world that He affirmed the path that Jesus was on: “Way to go son.”

I challenge you today to go to your M or your 2.0’s and do just as God the Father did for Jesus. Acknowledge your relationship, tell them you love them, and affirm the path they are on. I guarantee if you do this, your relationships will flourish with the help of God.


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