14 including 1 FNG at Independence for an Anchor Bar beatdown

    • When: 06/11/18
    • QIC: Anchor Bar
    • The PAX: Roxanne, Smiley Face (R), Goldplate (R), Socrates, White Hat, JAG (R), Ripcord, Skywalker, Oglethorpe, Jackhammer (R), Padeye, 3 N Out (FNG), Chuckie (R), Anchor Bar (R)

14 HIM including 1 FNG unfartsacked on this Monday morning for my change themed workout.  After a welcome to our FNG and a quick disclaimer was given, we began.

The warm up consisted some P90X Broga-X and 15 Side Straddle Hops IC.

We moseyed to the corner of Myrtle and Charlotte for some four corners.  The exercises were based on this months theme of Change.  The first exercise was (C)arolina DD or (C)hili Jacks (plank jacks only on your elbows), pax choice.  We did 25 IC.  We continued our mosey to the corner of Eden Terrace and Charlotte for 25 (H)illbilly Walkers IC.  We made our way to the corner of Eden Terrace and Oakland where White Hat successfully predicted (A)merican Hammers – 25 IC.  Our next stop was the corner of Myrtle and Oakland where I stumped White Hat with the next exercise.  We did 24 Nolan Ryan’s OYO (look it up) – 12 each arm.  At this point, I realized and can’t count very well. There are six letters in CHANGE, not five.  I had planned on us ending with the last exercise at the loading dock beside Dinkins Hall, but I had more letter to include, so my four corners ended up being a “Honeypot” four corners as we continued on to the corner of Sumter and Oakland where it was correctly predicted that we would be doing (G)orilla Humpers.  Everyone lined up with their back to Oakland Ave. and assumed the position.  We did 25 IC.  Now we could finally mosey to the loading dock.  White Hat thought he had figured that our next exercise would be a set of (E)levens.  Nope, but it did give me an idea what to do after we finished with the (E)mpty Wheelbarrow.  We partnered up and each partner took a turn walking on their hands while the other partner held their legs up to the stop sign at the top of the hill or as far as possible.  While waiting on the six, we lunge walked up the hill.

White Hat’s suggestion of Elevens, but changed it to sevens.  I was inspired by the last couple of Walker Q’s that I took part in where he had us doing six count burpees.  JAG demod with excellent form.  We did burpees at the bottom and squats at the top of the hill.

We had one last stop before we headed back to the AO.  We moseyed around the corner to a wall.  I explained a bit how I received my F3 name and my Famous Chicken Wing workout.  When I first posted almost two years ago now, I mentioned that I was originally from Jamestown, NY.  Nobody knew where that was, so I went on to say it was about 70 mile south of Buffalo.  Someone chimed in and mentioned there was a restaurant in Buffalo named the Anchor Bar that got its claim to fame for being the first to make hot chicken wings as we know them today.  We didn’t have time to do my entire Chicken Wing workout, so that would be saved for another time, but I did do the “Hot Wing” contest.  There’s another restaurant just down the road that periodically held hot chicken wing eating contests where the person that could eat the most of the very hottest wings was the winner.  My version is to assume the Balls to the Walls position and stay there until your “wings” give out.  JAG, to this point was undefeated in the contest.  The champion and still undefeated is JAG – RESPECT.

We moseyed back to the AO for the COT.

I shared what is on my heart regarding change.  While I started  talking I had Chuckie hand out a penny (spare change) to each of the pax.  I mentioned that a few weeks ago I brought up my wife’s job situation in my Monday evening Bible study and said that we were a bit fearful of the future.  One of the men in the study, a brother from The Fort Region (Anchorman) mentioned a youtube video that I should watch by renowned philosopher and theologian, Will Smith.  Without giving too much away about the video, Anchorman did say that Will talks about how God is on the other side of fear and will meet us where we are.  I gave the penny as a tangible reminder of God abiding with us.  A top the face of the penny is inscribed “In God We Trust.”

I closed my message with this thought.  I fews days ago I was scrounging through the spare change box on my wife’s dresser picking out the pennies.  She asked what I was going to do with them, so I explained to her my plans for the COT.  She shared with me a Bible verse that had recently come up in her morning quiet time reading.  It is a blessing that God instructed Moses and his men to share with the Israelites.  Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”  This blessing is given when parting ways and in worship service it is often times put to music and sung as a benediction.  She went on to say that her quiet time study mentioned that if you substitute the word “me” for “you” and emphasize “me,” it becomes a personal blessing from God.  God does bless us each day, no matter our circumstances.  We just have to be willing to receive that blessing.

We counted off and did the video name-o-rama.  Our FNG entered the middle of the circle to tell about himself.  He mentioned that he is the defensive football coach at Rock Hill HS and works closely with Dawg Pound and Padeye, in fact it was Padeye who EH’d him.  We decided on the name, 3 N Out.  Everyone please welcome our new F3 brother.

We ended with announcements, prayer requests & praises and Chuckie dismissed us with prayer.

Smiley Face, thank you for the opportunity to lead.  It is always a privilege and honor.

-Anchor Bar out

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