10 at Eagles Nest for the CHALLENGE CIRCLE – 5/8/18

    • When: 05/08/2018
    • QIC: WhiteHat
    • The PAX: Padeye, Gold Plate(R), Bubble Wrap, Crusader, Jester, Smokey, JAG (R), Mr. Big Stuff, Money Bags, White Hat

10 PAX gathered on a weather-wise perfect Tuesday morning at Eagles Nest not knowing what to expect from their site/workout Q.
Little did they know I had something for us that I was really excited about.

There were no FNG’s in our midst so after a quick welcome and disclaimer we began with the signature WhiteHat warm-up:
SSH x12 IC
Windmills x12 IC
Cherry-pickers x12 IC
Stretch left, right
Left over right
Right over left
Hillbilly walkers x12 IC
Imperial walkers x12 IC
Moroccan night clubs x12 IC

When the warm-up was complete we all moseyed to the flag in front of Tillman Hall where JAG led us in the Pledge of Allegiance

The mosey continued over to Scholars walk where we engaged in one of my favorite exercises: Walk Like An Egyptian x2.
As defined in the Exicon:
PAX line up, single-file about an arm-length apart. In unison, entire PAX lunge forward with their right leg and hold the lunge, while the last PAX jailbreaks to the front of the line. The entire PAX then recover and lunge forward with their left leg and hold the lunge, while the last PAX jailbreaks to the front. Process continues until all PAX have cycled through at least once.

We then eased down to the center of the Campus Greens for the meat of the workout: The Challenge Circle (courtesy of the HIMs of F3 JAX)
Each PAX drew a piece of paper with an exercise on it. The idea was to go around the circle and have each one of us challenge an equally fit PAX to do as many (or more) of the reps of the indicated exercise for 30 seconds while the rest of PAX either cheered/mumblechattered in plank, low plank, or performed same exercise during the drill:
• Merkins
• Squats
• Diamond Merkins
• Groiners
• Carolina Dry Docks
• Sumo Squats
• Iron Mikes
• Jump Squats
• Wide arm merkins

The reason I chose this drill is that I was able to perform more consecutive burpees when challenged by one of the F3 JAX PAX. It’s not a race or a competition; it’s you vs. you. However, I felt incredibly motivated knowing that I was going to-to-toe against one of my brothers.

After each PAX had their turn, we moseyed over to the loading dock where we did:
Peoples chair with 5 merkins for each PAX sequentially

After a 10-count we engaged in the same drill but with each PAX doing balls-to-the-wall for a 10 count. It turns out this is WAY too long to hold a wall-sit. When tired, each PAX did a few merkins before returning to a wall-sit. My apologies to the PAX for the way-too-long wall-sit.

Post wall-sits, we moseyed over to Alumni Drive, stopping at the water tower to catch our breath by performing alternating high knees and butt kickers to every other light pole.
The mosey then continued around campus to the Alumni Dr./Ebeneezer Ave. intersection.

At this juncture I shared with my brothers about one of my redemption experiences:
I talked about both King David and the Apostle Paul and how, despite their morally reprehensible actions, were redeemed and favored by God.
I also shared about my struggles with PTSD and oppressive guilt caused by my time and actions in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
I hold to the fact that there is no place I can go nor any action I can perform nor any thought I can entertain that would prevent God from redeeming my soul and making me a favored son.

We then moseyed back to COT just in time to count off and do our Name-o-rama
Announcements: Convergence\Whetstone this Saturday and read the newsletter (look it up)
Prayer/praise: Employment for WaterBoy and others in our brotherhood. Also for sickness within our ranks and extended family.
We then drew close for a ball-of-man where I closed us in prayer, asking God to help us look for and accept His will in our lives, love and serve those around us, and for safety for us all.

I am extremely grateful, humble, and blessed to be able to lead the amazing group HIMs in our F3 ranks.

Until next time, WhiteHat out!

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