Cast your Burdens!

    • When: 4/21/2018
    • QIC: Canseco
    • The PAX: River Rat, Backpack, White Hat, Gauge, Hotsauce, Penny Pincher, Mayflower, Italian Job, Vuvuzela, FNG (Donatello)

Beautiful and 37 Degrees!  I have never led at Camino Del Rio but there are tons of options here.  I was tempted to change my plan but stuck with it.  I have to say I was excited to Q this morning and good energy seemed to be flowing from the PAX right from the start.

Disclaimer was exclaimed.

Warm Up:



Plank into Honeymooners

Arch Plank into 6 inches

Mosey to the large parking lot next to the BMX Track

The Thang:

Run each lane of the parking lot and stop for reps of the following at each curb (planted area 12 total stops)

-10 Merkins In Cadence

-10 Bobby Hurley’s

-25 American Hammers In Cadence

-10 Burpees

-20 MNC in Cadence

-15 V-Ups

-10 Jump Squats

-10 Diamond Merkins In Cadence

-20 Box Cutters

-20 Mtn Climbers (Single Count)

-10 Prison Cell Merkins

We were joined by Apache and his rucking crew midway through this workout for some fellowship and prayer.  From here we moseyed to a dead end road (new construction).

Jog in place and Up Downs were in order.

The Pax took there fair share of calling out “Down” until all had participated.  On the last note we held six inches to a 10 count.

From there we moseyed back to adjacent parking lot where we started.  We did the following.

Dying Cock Roach’s (While waiting on the six)

-Lt Dan’s

-Bear Crawl


We all face trials everyday every week.  Whether you are stressed with work, health, diagnosis, injury, treatments, anxiousness or just normal pressures of the world you were not created to handle it alone.  I confessed to the PAX that my default everyday is to handle it all whatever it is.  We often take on burdens that we were not created to carry or handle solo.

I encouraged the PAX that whatever fear, anxiety, or stress you are carrying to “lay it down.”  The vehicle of F3 is the workout (1stF).  It gathers us together, keeps us in shape, gets our blood pumping, and keeps us sharp physically.  However this is just the starting point.  We are to carry each others burdens, listen, pray for, and encourage each other in ALL of life.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  And if you feel that you are please reach out to any of your brothers in the gloom and I assure you will be met with encouragement, prayer, and someone who is ready to listen.  This often is all we need but as men we don’t want to show our cards.  We think it shows weakness when we confess our struggles and are guilty of not reaching out when we need it the most.

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Matthew 11: 28-30


What great hope we have that the one who has conquered our sin is ready to listen and carry our burdens daily!


Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  I always get more out of it than I put in.


Flag was passed this day to Gauge who will be the new site Q at Camino Del Rio.  Please support this HIM and AO and get on the Q Schedule.



Prayers and Praises




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