Seasoned with Salt

    • When: 4/19/18
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Roxanne, Tinker Toy, Sir Purr, Popeye, The Big Fundamental, Smiley Face (R), Van Wilder (R), Sub-Zero (RR), Apache, Red Bone, Anchor Bar (R), Unitas, Socrates, Aqua Lung, Ponytail (R), Italian Job

16 HIM’s of the Rock Region assembled at Man U on a breezy morning to sharpen iron and enjoy some fellowship.  After a few colder days this week it was a nice treat to be in short sleeves and not bundle up.  YHC was really looking forward to this day as it was the first time I had the opportunity to Q a workout at this AO.  As the appointed hour drew near YHC was particularly glad to see that 15 other guys were as excited as me to post up this morning so we got started.  Taking a look around the circle as we gathered, I noticed we had a great mix of guys.  Some were older like myself, some were younger and have been posting in the Rock Region for some time.  Some this was their 2nd or 3rd time posting.  An awesome group of HIM’s.  With no FNG’s present, YHC provided a quick disclaimer and we got started with the warm-up which included SSH, Seal Jacks and Windmills.  Then we moseyed over to the center of the larger parking lot beside the AO

The Thang

Once we arrived in hot from a short mosey from the AO, YHC had the PAX gather in a circle to get started by engaging our cores.  We began with 3 sets of Flutters X 10 count with arms raised, out to the side, and outstretched over our heads.  Then we mixed in a set of shoulder taps.  With cores fully engaged we headed over to the fountain in front of the Mellow Mushroom along the wall and enjoyed some John Cougar and did a set of dips, Irkins & Dirkins.  Next we headed to the far back side of the parking lot behind the movie theatre and formed 2 lines, face to face and did a set of Maktar Ndyiayes and partner claps in plank position.  After a quick 10 count, we headed to the 10 spaces along the wood line.  YHC asked each of the guys to partner up, the only condition being they each needed to partner up with someone they didn’t know, or didn’t know well.  YHC explained that this part of the workout would included plenty of the 1st F and 2nd F – get to know the man beside you better.  The PAX were given instructions to rotate through the stations and take a mosey together between stations and just chat.  Stations included burpees, Merkins, Diamonds, lunges, squats, American Hammers, calf raises to name a few.  After doing this we formed 2 lines and did a group run behind the stores and assembled on the wall beside the book store and assumed people’s chair.  Then each man knocked out 10 Merkins from the outside into the center.  We concluded our time on the wall with a set of Australian Mountain Climbers.  After a quick recovery we headed back over to the fountain and did a set up dips and leg lifts.  With our time together drawing short, we headed back to the AO for some Ab Lab and finished up.  YHC shared the following verse with the PAX:

Colossians 4: 5-6

Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders, make the most of every opportunity.  Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone

YHC shared with the PAX a few of my thoughts on this verse.  Every opportunity we meet someone new is an opportunity to make an impression on them.  Will our actions and words match what we would want that person to think?  Are we putting our best foot forward to live Christ centered.  Tinker Toy shared that we are just vessels of how Christ wants us to live.  Set ego aside and let HIM shine through.

We concluded our time together with a few announcements, along with praises and prayer concerns

May 12th is the Whetstone Convergence

Thanks Italian Job for the opportunity to lead the leaders of the Rock Region at Man U today.  Honored & Humbled to do so.

Ponytail out –

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