The Apache Challenge follow-up

    • When: 4/18/18
    • QIC: Apache
    • The PAX: Rock Region Pax


First and foremost it is a honor and pledge to be associated with the men I can honestly call my Brothers. Over the years men fight battles of different things Mental, Physical, and Spiritual battles. And they have to fight them alone, not knowing that every man has theses battles.

We are very fortunate to have the Shield Lock and accountability of each other. And are able to in trust upon others our time of sorrow and as well our time of joy. That’s what life is about. The battle and the victory.

I’m not going to lie, its easier for me to have ill thoughts and think the worst of others, its a consistent battle I fight on a daily basis. But I will FIGHT, because of the support system we have. I will not let my family, brothers, and my lord down. And together we will become  Men that is Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically stronger.

Ok now lets get down to it.

The Challenge was to EH or Turkey Punch as many guys that have not posted in a while to post at each AO in a weeks time.

The tally was over whelming and I knew it was going to be tough to chose a winner, because in my mind everyone was the winner.

But then it happened. The clouds parted and the good lord sent a ray of sunshine in the form of Smiley Face and Toro. Toro was going to make his come back and VQ all in one workout. And it was one of the best Managed and Lead workouts I have had the privilege to attend.

Oh and it didn’t end there…. Someone decided to have a convergence at the last minute…..

And then out of no where, POSH showed up and did the warm up. Which was flawless as usual and like back in the Old Towne days..

Holy Beggezzz!!!! Who in their right mind could have orchestrated such an epic event? It was a lot of behind the scenes men doing what they do best, they are our true brother’s keepers. We are truly blessed to have a supporting leadership team here in The Rock region. Humbled how they make us look like rock stars and not want anything in return.

So do me a favor read you newsletter and fill out the proper forms….

So back to the Challenge….

Hands down Smiley Face received The Highly Impacting Man Award. But we are all winners and will continue to be there for each other. The thing is, no mater if you posted one time or everyday, you are my Brother Of The Gloom.

The final number was:

21 Kotters with 2 VQ Kotters

5 FNGs

52 at a last minute convergence

Please stay tuned for more information about The Highly Impactful Man award and how it will be passed around our Region….


Image may contain: Jamie Jones and Steve Ross, people smiling, people sitting and beard
Everyone please stop what you are doing and Congratulate our Brother Smiley Face on winning the Kotter Challenge. And was presented The ROCK REGION “HIM BELT” Stay Tune to find out how you can win the HIM Belt, by being a Highly Impactful Man to our Families, Friends, and Community #JustShowUp #BrothersKeeper

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