Check out Bunker Hill

    • When: 4/4/18
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: JAG (R), Van Wilder (R), Ponytail (R), Rasta

4 HIM’s of the Rock Region made the decision today to come post at Bunker Hill on this cool morning.  3 of the 4 were fellow Respects.  Sizing up the group today, I decided that we would do a little running and mix in some boot.  As the appointed hour came upon us I announced to the small group my plans and we got started with the warm-up which included SSH, IW, Cherry Pickers and some light stretching.

The Thang

We rolled out of the AO and headed to the entrance of YPA and lined up at the series of lights as you enter the campus.  At each light we changed our mode of transportation which included Toy Soldiers, High Knees, shuffles, Bear crawls, crab crawls – we did this for about 10 lights and headed to the circle at the back of the school.  There we did the following:  10 Merkins / 20 CDD / 30 squats / 40 LBC’s / 50 SSH.  After a quick recovery we rolled out again and moseyed back around campus for a full loop and headed back to the entrance and repeated the lights.  There we gathered for a recovery and YHC asked Rasta to share what was on his heart, was there anything we could pray for him on??  Rasta shared with the group that life was generally good, just busy with 6 kids all under the age of 14.  Van Wilder shared that his son was soon to be entering high school and he wants to continue to remain a close relationship.  It was there the 4 of us paused and lifted up a prayer for these HIM’s this morning and other PAX of the Rock Region with other unspoken prayer concerns.  Then we headed back to drop of circle behind the school to a pile of coupons and V-dub joked – “hope we don’t see any snakes”.  YHC doesn’t like snakes – In spite of now feeling creeped out, we each grabbed a coupon and did the following:  15 curls / 15 tricep extensions / 15 rows and closed by just holding our coupons out in front of us for like an hour – probably really like 75 seconds, but it felt like an hour.  Then we returned our coupons to the pile and Rasta announced that he needed to head out so he went this was and we went the that way.  We moseyed back around the school and found some benches and did 15 Irkins / 15 Dirkins / 15 dips.  Time was drawing short so we headed back to the AO and closed out with a few minutes of Ab Lab.  We closed with a few additional prayers and praises along with announcements (read your newsletter).  Thanks PCH for the opportunity to lead today.  Bunker Hill is a great AO – if you haven’t posted there yet give it a try.  Maybe even bring a Kotter or FNG with you


Ponytail out –

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